Cleaning hack: how to leave your glasses like new without scratching them

Cleaning hack: how to leave your glasses like new without scratching them

One of the most important issues to take into account to take care of the glasses or sunglasses is to clean them properly. For this, it is vitally important to use the appropriate products and elements, and thus, prevent the glasses become scratched or damaged, preventing you from being able to see clearly through them.

There are four tricks cleaningideal for taking care of glasses.

4 cleaning tricks to take care of your lenses


First of all, it is important to maintain the glasses from the bridge, to avoid dirtying them when cleaning it. Once resolved, the four options are:

Wash them with soap and water

Although it is a good option, it is important not to leave the glasses soak and try to wet only the crystals. The step by step is:

  1. Put the glasses under tap water with low water pressure.
  2. Rub a little soap with your fingertips gently.
  3. Rinse and dry with your suede to avoid leaving remains.
  4. Avoid getting the frame wet so that the finishes, screws and others do not rust.


All glasses they come with their suede and it is the best option to clean glasses. This option leaves the lenses very clean, they do not scratch them and they can also be put in the washing machine if you notice that they are dirty.

Glasses cleaning fluid

Neither alcohol nor glass cleaner, specific liquids are ideal for cleaning the glasses. This element will help you remove stains, traces of sweat or grease that adhere to the glasses. To use them, you need:

  1. Pour a little on each lens on both sides.
  2. Dry it with the chamois and that’s it!

Wet wipes for glasses

These wipes are the ones included in the glasses cleaning liquid. They are perfect to carry in your bag and use in a pinch.

What not to do when cleaning glasses

Some common cleaning tricks They are widely used, but are not usually recommended. Cleaning glasses with alcohol is not good, because it can ruin part of the frame and the anti-reflective coating, while the same thing happens with glass cleaner and other cleaning products.

On the other hand, it is not ideal to clean them with either a T-shirt or cloth handkerchiefs, since they have fibers and particles that scratch the surface. lens little by little.

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