Tourism in Argentina: which are the destinations that National Geographic recommends visiting

Tourism in Argentina: which are the destinations that National Geographic recommends visiting

Steppe Route


The Steppe route includes both the sea and the Andes mountain range. It includes the landscapes located in the provinces of Chubut, La Pampa, Neuquén, Río Negro and Santa Cruz.

The path allows you to learn about the history of dinosaurs, who at one time inhabited the place. Also, you can spot the local fauna and walk through prehistoric forests.

The magazine recommends going to national parks and doing water sports in the water bodies of the area. The best time to visit these places is during spring and summer, since they are seasons in which rain and snow do not prevent activities.

Andean Patagonia Route


The destination is ideal for tourists looking for camping, trekking, trail riding, skiing and sailing. They travel through the mountain region of Chubut, Neuquén and Río Negro. Visitors will be able to access lakes, forests and mountains

The best time to do the Andean Patagonia route will depend on the activities to be done.

Winter sports: June to September

Trekking and cycling: October to April

Beaches and nautical activities: December to March

Forest visit: March to May

End of the World Route


The End of the World route includes the provinces of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and the South Atlantic Islands. Ushuaia is the best known city and is a good starting point along with Río Grande.

In this destination, Tourists will be able to appreciate the sea and mountains. Lakes, glaciers, forests and steppes are added to the list.

It can be visited throughout the year. From October to April, visitors can do activities such as trekking or hiking. From December to March, expeditions to Antarctica are the most recommended.

From June to September, they recommend snow activities; while, from March to May, they suggest forests full of autumn colors.

Southern Patagonia Route


It covers the western end of Santa Cruz and It allows you to get to know Calafate, the Perito Moreno glacier, the forests, lagoons and streams of the town of El Chaltén.

In addition, you can visit Mount Fitz Roy, the national parks of Patagonia and the Cueva de las Manos. The best time to visit is between October and April, when the snow is low.

Patagonian Sea Route


The Patagonian Sea route covers more than 1,500 kilometers of coastline in the provinces of Chubut, Río Negro and Santa Cruz. They are the best places to spot whales and marine fauna. In addition, tourists will be able to do other activities such as diving.

The prestigious magazine recommends diving in the months of April to September, since the waters are clearer and the animals can be seen better.

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