Three destinations in Argentina recommended to visit in 2024

Three destinations in Argentina recommended to visit in 2024

Argentina is known worldwide for its geographical varietyhis climate diversity and its infinite options for tourism within the country. From north to southThere are options for all tastes and types of tourists.

In addition to the diverse landscapes and natural adventures, Argentina offers endless attractions in each destination. cultural options, historical and gastronomic enviable by any other country on the globe.

In this article, we leave you 3 national destinations that you cannot miss in 2024.

Iguazu Falls

Being one of the seven wonders of the world, the Iguazu Falls They offer an impressive and unique natural spectacle that attracts visitors from all over the world. The majesty and beauty of 275 waterfalls They are simply amazing.

With a height of 80 meters, the Devil’s throat It is the most famous and spectacular jump of the Iguazú Falls. The view from the catwalk is so epic and moving that visitors tend to get excited, to the point of shedding a tear when observing the majesty and power of nature.

The trails allow walks that offer panoramic views and the opportunity to appreciate the abundant fauna and flora of the National Park Iguazu. Also, you can take boat rides under the falls.


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San Carlos de Bariloche

Located in the province of Río Negro, Bariloche It is surrounded by spectacular natural landscapes, including crystalline lakes, imposing mountains, lush forests and glaciers.

Lovers of the mountains and sports outings can take excursions through the Small Circuithorseback riding, trekking and walks through the Nahuel Huapi lake.

Bariloche is also known for its excellent gastronomy, standing out especially in products such as chocolate and regional sweets. There are numerous chocolate shops and pastry shops offering local delicacies. Also visit some of the local breweries It is an unmissable experience.


Nahuel Huapi Lake in San Carlos de Bariloche.  Image: The Natural Route.

Nahuel Huapi Lake in San Carlos de Bariloche. Image: The Natural Route.

San Rafael

San Rafael is presented as the perfect destination for those looking for a natural and adventurous getaway. Located in the province of Mendozaoffers a direct connection with nature, standing out for its impressive canyons and lakes.

To the south of San Rafael is the Valle Grande reservoir, a turquoise body of water that offers spectacular scenery. He Atuel Canyon, millions of years old, is another highlight. In addition to its geological importance, it offers opportunities for nautical activities.

San Rafael attracts adventure lovers with a variety of outdoor activities, such as mountaineering, hiking, trekking and rafting.

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San Rafael, Mendoza, a dream destination.

San Rafael, Mendoza, a dream destination.


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