Summer with pure beach, sun and good gastronomy: destinations that you cannot miss during your vacations

Summer with pure beach, sun and good gastronomy: destinations that you cannot miss during your vacations

Churros with dulce de leche and mate at sunset, umbrellas of all the colors, walks through the sand at dawn, waves that refresh the body and sea ​​air which always does well. The Atlantic Coast It is the perfect option for all those looking Summer Vacation full of rest, enjoy hours of the City of Buenos Aires.

Proposals that include all tastes and pocketsthe season in the Buenos Aires tourist destinations offers kilometer beaches, lush forestsmuseums and historical sites, Creole and signature cuisineexcursions, walks, art, hot springssports and bucolic landscapes. Get to know more than five destinations that you cannot miss visiting this summer 2024according to PBA Tourism.


PBA Tourism

Summer holidays 2024: which beaches to visit in Buenos Aires?

Claromecó, Orense and Reta, in Tres Arroyos

The extensive beaches and dunes are linked with wild forests and make up a postcard from a storybook. The towns of Claromecó, Orense and Reta offer a quiet stay for the whole family and are highly chosen by those who love fishing.

Tres Arroyos, the main city, stands out for its neatness and shine (the buildings seem polished). Museums, green spaces and places for sports.

In Claromecó, the main attractions are the 54-meter-high Lighthouse, the Forest Station, the Windmill, the Caracolero by the sea and the stream that separates the Dunamar neighborhood from the rest of the city. In Reta, the Submedanal Tunnel that allows you to go to the beaches under the dunes, the Lourdes Grotto and the Quequén Salado River. In Orense, the Médano 40, which due to its height allows an unparalleled panoramic view of the town; the snail-shaped grotto and the Francisco Hurtado Cultural Center.

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PBA Tourism


Among the shade and humidity of the pine forests, the natural landscape is drawn in curvilinear paths of dunes, forests and beaches, residential and sumptuous architecture, ranging from typical chalets with gabled roofs and colonial tiles to modern constructions. Pinamar includes a variety of shops, restaurants and cafes in its shopping center for demanding tastes.

Golf, polo, tennis, fishing, 4×4 trips, horseback riding, surfing and plays, art workshops and concerts are part of its featured agenda. Cariló, Valeria del Mar, Ostende and Montecarlo complete this municipality characterized by the elegance and perfume of the pine forests.

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PBA Tourism

Villa Gesell

Feel young and enjoy. Gesell with its sand, wood and green tones, between the acoustics of the forest and the bohemian, proposes fun and rest.

One of its most iconic monuments is the Querandí Lighthouse, located south of the district within a natural reserve, which protects the Argentine dune ecosystem.

Commercial activity is concentrated on Avenida 3. A section becomes pedestrian during the summer and crowds walk along it among the offerings of street performances, crafts, bingo and souvenir gifts.

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PBA Tourism

70 kilometers of wide, sandy coast, with sectors of gentle slopes and others with more marked reliefs, are filled with vacationers.

Mar de las Pampas, Mar Azul and Las Gaviotas are the quietest towns in the district.


San Cayetano

Gaucho village with all the characteristics of the Atlantic landscape and the particularity of being a small town with the sea. The urban area occupies 173 hectares divided into less than 300 blocks, low houses, open spaces and abundant vegetation predominate. The paved streets are crossed with dirt passages, children playing and mates on the sidewalks.

Its 28 kilometers of coast with small bays, rocks, chains of dunes, acacias, pines and sea wind, invite you to relax. From the coast or by boat, varied and effective fishing is ensured.

The Danish Corridor is a circuit where Danish descendants transmit their traditions and different establishments offer rural tourism proposals, between Danish and Creole. An alternative tour is the Arroyo Zabala Natural Reserve, whose surface area is 817 hectares.

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PBA Tourism

La Chiquita Spa, in Villarino

River coasts, lagoons and sea, Villarino is all terrain. Its main city, Médanos, recognized for the production of onion and garlic, offers tours of its plantations and days of total relaxation in the Médanos Hot Springs.

The Laguna Chasicó Provincial Natural Reserve with its aquatic ecosystem and birds, among which the elegant flamingos stand out, who develop nesting, shelter, feeding and breeding processes, generates charming postcards. The area is an important archaeological site and presents remains of megafauna such as glyptodonts and megatheriums.

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PBA Tourism

In the town of Pedro Luro, birthplace of Ceferino Namuncurá, stands a replica of the old Fortín Mercedes and a complex of hot springs that, according to studies by the University of the South, the waters that come out of its spring are 920,000 years old.

La Chiquita Spa is the first beach on the Buenos Aires maritime coast after Bahía Blanca. Warm waters, a dune area and a natural environment that remains intact attracts people willing to adventure on 4×4 trips and those who love to fish because, from the coast, they can catch sharks, dogfish, silversides and croaker.

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