Sarah Kern on jungle camp exit: The trouble surrounding Kim “was extremely annoying”

Sarah Kern on jungle camp exit: The trouble surrounding Kim “was extremely annoying”

Designer Sarah Kern was the second to leave the jungle camp. In an interview, she reveals how she is feeling after the exit.

Sarah Kern (56) received an award in yesterday’s episode of “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” () didn’t get enough calls from the TV audience and had to leave the jungle camp. Since Cora Schumacher (47) had already left voluntarily before her, Kern took eleventh place in the RTL show. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, the designer is overall satisfied. Although she criticizes her short broadcast time, she is also reassured that she didn’t get into a shitstorm. She also makes it clear that the constant arguments between Kim Virginia (28) and Mike Heiter (31) were anything but amusing.

How are you feeling after your exit? Are you very sad about being the first to be voted out by the audience?

Sarah Kern: I was actually very surprised, I didn’t expect that. From my perspective, I was able to deliver, perform and was full of energy. My first thought was, “Oh my God, what kind of hatred is going on outside? Have I done something wrong?” But then I found out that I had almost no airtime – I basically didn’t appear on TV at all. Nevertheless, afterwards I am glad that the exit was not due to a scandal or misconduct on my part.

Do you feel ripped off about the lack of airtime?

Kern: I prefer that I wasn’t voted out because statements were edited incorrectly and misunderstood by the audience. But I’ve actually hardly been shown – so I’m not surprised if people don’t call for me. I also emigrated six years ago and have had little public presence since then. On the whole, however, I don’t think I’m so important that I’m vying for airtime. If I had wanted to take place more, I would have taken place more.

What goals were you able to achieve with your participation in the jungle camp that you had set out to achieve and what goals were you not able to achieve?

Kern: I’m now going to the market with business and it’s good that the market has heard my name again. The young people didn’t even know me anymore. It remains to be seen what will happen in the end – the seeds have already been sown, so to speak, and the harvest will then come. The jungle camp was definitely a good start to show: Sarah Kern is back.

A very present topic for those watching is the discussion about Mike, Kim and Leyla. How much did this topic dominate or annoy you locally?

Kern: It was so annoying that at some point I had to say: “That’s enough.” I tried to talk to Kim’s mind. Then I thought she got it, but the next day she started again. As for her, hops and malt were lost in the jungle. I think Kim just needs longer to mature into self-discovery. She probably has to have her experiences, maybe bad ones, I don’t know. We were all wondering why she stuck with it for so long. At first we felt sorry for her, but at some point we all felt sorry for ourselves because we couldn’t hear it anymore.

Who will you be keeping in touch with after the show?

Kern: I have already agreed with Lucy that we will stay in touch. We had great conversations, she is a great, honest woman and was, so to speak, our “mother of the jungle”. Twenty4Tim was also like a best friend to me, we laughed so much together. We were the washerwomen who washed the dishes every day and had one fit of laughter after another. That’s why Tim will definitely win, because he has as many followers as the entire audience of this format (laughs).

Who do you see in the finale?

Kern: In addition to Tim and Lucy, also our wonderful vacuum cleaner representative Fabio. He’s such a funny guy and always thanked me for doing the dishes. It’s rare to meet such a pleasant person.

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