Netflix: if you liked The Silence of the Lambs you can’t miss this movie

Netflix: if you liked The Silence of the Lambs you can’t miss this movie

This psychological thriller draws enormous similarities to Anthony Hopkins’ classic 1991 film.

The police and crime movies are trending among viewers of Netflix, and that is why the platform is committed to more content in this category. recently launched Mindcage a suspense film that tells the story of a serial killer and that will make more than one nostalgic person remember Anthony Hopkins’ 1991 classic, The silence of the inocents.

Mental Cage was officially released in cinemas in December 2022 but in the last few hours it arrived on Netflix, quickly placing itself among the most viewed of the week. The feature film has the added advantage of starring Martin Lawrence, a comedy actor who is now committed to psychological thrillers. It is directed by Mauro Borrelli.

Synopsis of Mental Cage, a good option on Netflix

Martin Lawrence, known for his role in “My grandmother is a danger“, changes the humorous tone to interpret the Detective Jake Doyle. Together with her colleague Mary Kelly (Melissa Roxburgh), they are called to solve an enigmatic case: three women are found dead and adorned as sculptures of angels.

They remember the serial criminal “The Artist” (John Malkovich), imprisoned five years ago. Faced with the possibility of an imitator, The detectives look for clues with the help of the prisoner. Mary Kelly relies on her knowledge of psychology as the criminal negotiates to reveal information in exchange for reducing her sentence. The suspense increases with a sinister game in progress.

Mind Cage Trailer

Embed – Mental Cage | Trailer

Mental Cage cast

  • Martin Lawrence – Detective Jake Doyle
  • Melissa Roxburgh – Mary Kelly (Doyle’s colleague)
  • John Malkovich – The Artist (serial criminal)

In addition to the three main characters, the cast also includes Jacob Grodnik, Aidan Turner (The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey) and Jeremy Turner.

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