Harem pants trend 2024: 4 modern styles for everyday life

Harem pants trend 2024: 4 modern styles for everyday life

When MC Hammer made his big breakthrough in the 90s, it wasn’t just his hits that became internationally known: his colorful bloomers with low crotch also sparked a hype. The comfortable cuts are still in demand today, especially during sporting activities, but also in everyday life.

Even if famous singers like MC Hammer or Vanilla Ice have contributed to increasing the level of awareness and popularity of harem pants (from Middle High German “bloder”, which translates roughly as “bulging out”): In Arabian climes, the wide-cut garment is still popular Elastic waistband has been worn for many centuries. For this reason, the term harem pants is more familiar to many fashionistas than the word plump or harem pants. The nice thing about the comfortable cut is that it allows a lot of freedom of movement. Apart from the fact that the wide trousers fit loosely, they are equally suitable for adults and children. We will introduce you to different styling tips and popular trends for 2024.

Styling tips for harem pants

Due to the wide legs and the deep crotch, the anything but figure-hugging. Accordingly, the comfortable garment can be ideally combined with tight-fitting tops such as T-shirts or crop tops – depending on the weather, a short transitional jacket made of jeans completes the look. As far as footwear goes, high heels quickly get lost under harem pants unless you own them at ankle height. Otherwise, ballerina flats and sandals of all kinds are the ideal companion on warm days. Do you like to wear jewelry on your feet with your harem pants? and a real eye-catcher.

These harem pants are trending in 2024

1. Oriental motifs

Since harem pants have their origins in the Orient, they often feature popular motifs from Arab and Asian countries – such as or . This gives the light fabric trousers an exotic look that can be ideally combined with plain tops.

2. Maternity wear

Depending on the manufacturer, harem pants have such a high cuff that even pregnant women with a growing belly can easily fit into the garment. But there are also special ones in a pluder look with an extra wide waist or comfortable ones which will be trendy in 2024.

3. Pattern mix

Patterns of all kinds are also popular this year , or – Harem pants will come in creative looks in 2024. It is important to note when styling that outer and lower clothing are not combined too wildly. Otherwise, the harem pants are ideal for everyday wear.

4. Sporty and simple

Last but not least, the harem pants ( and ) a sporty figure. For this reason, the comfortable cut is equally suitable for indoor and outdoor activities. The flexible material is particularly popular with yoga and Pilates, often in combination with .

Care tips for sensitive harem pants

Harem pants can be made from different materials, but they are usually flowing fabrics that support the classic cut. Depending on whether natural or synthetic fibers were used, care varies: While pure can be easily washed at 40 degrees, polyester and Can only be cleaned at 30 degrees – a gentle cycle is recommended. Since harem pants are usually very thin and therefore sensitive, one should be used. And also a mild detergent.

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