Dakota Johnson on “Saturday Night Live”: Mom Melanie Griffith is bursting with pride

Dakota Johnson on “Saturday Night Live”: Mom Melanie Griffith is bursting with pride

Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas have been divorced since 2015. Dakota Johnson reunited the ex-couple for an evening.

Actress Dakota Johnson (34) hosted the cult comedy show “Saturday Night Live” for the second time – and thus brought a former dream couple back together for one evening. Her mother Melanie Griffith (66) and her ex-husband Antonio Banderas (63) also appeared at the after-show party.

Melanie Griffith is proud of her daughter

Dakota Johnson attended the party in a good mood in a sheer, floor-length black dress. She combined it with a short, black jacket, a black handbag and black high heels. Johnson’s mother also wore an all-black outfit. Banderas opted for a little pop of color, pairing a navy leather jacket with a navy top and black pants.

Johnson’s hosting of the popular show earned good reviews. Melanie Griffith had previously praised her daughter on her Instagram account. She is an “extraordinary comedienne”. The 66-year-old also let it be known that she is a “proud mom.”

Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas weren’t the only A-listers who attended the after-show party. Actress Demi Moore (61) and presenter Jimmy Fallon (49) also came. Fallon was also able to celebrate himself, as he subsequently made several cameo appearances alongside his close friend Justin Timberlake (42), who presented his new single “Selfish”.

Antonio Banderas took care of Griffith’s children from previous marriages

From 1996 to 2015, Griffith and Banderas were married and formed one of the most famous Hollywood couples. They have daughter Stella (27) together, while Dakota Johnson comes from Griffith’s marriage to Don Johnson (74). The “The Mask of Zorro” star helped raise Dakota and Griffith’s son Alexander (38) from her marriage to Steven Bauer (67). In an interview, Banderas once said that the two children were the most important part the actress brought into the relationship. “They called me Paponio, a mix of Papa and Antonio.” The fact that he supported Dakota Johnson on her important evening shows once again that the two continue to have a close relationship – even though he has long been separated from her mother.

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