Sophie Turner: First Instagram photos with Peregrine Pearson

Sophie Turner: First Instagram photos with Peregrine Pearson

Sophie Turner shows how she enjoys her skiing vacation on Instagram. Also there: the alleged new boyfriend, Peregrine Pearson.

Sophie Turner (27) is currently enjoying her life on a skiing holiday, as she shows her more than 14 million followers on Instagram. At her side is also the man with whom Turner has made several headlines in recent months: Peregrine Pearson (29).

The actress and the British aristocrat were spotted in intimate poses together in November. Now Turner posted for the first time. There are no clear couple pictures among them, but media like or still see the photos as an indirect announcement of the new relationship.

Sophie Turner on a skiing holiday: Jägerbomb and snowsuit

It’s obvious from this post that Turner had fun on the ski trip: The actress commented on the vacation pictures with: “Jägerbomb anyone?” A Jägerbomb is a cocktail consisting of an energy drink and Jägermeister.

In one photo, the “Queen of the North” sits in a ski lift with Pearson and two friends and demonstratively shows the middle finger into the camera with her friend. The fact that the man under the ski goggles next to her is actually Peregrine Pearson can be seen primarily from the link that Turner has set.

In another picture she is lying in the snow in a blue and white snowsuit, helmet and ski goggles. In the next she is dancing wildly with her friends. The fifth picture shows her again with Pearson and her friends in full ski gear on a snowy mountain top. The last photo shows Turner in a bikini sitting by an indoor pool with a view of snow-covered fir trees.

Joe Jonas is also on a skiing holiday with his alleged new flame

The “Game of Thrones” actress is currently in the process of divorcing Joe Jonas (34), to whom she has been married since 2019. The ex-couple made their separation public last fall with a joint post on Instagram. A war of the roses followed and a fight over custody of their two daughters, Willa (3) and Delphine (2).

Joe Jonas recently appeared on a skiing vacation – also with a supposed new flame. Paparazzi pictures showed the musician in a ski lift with model Stormi Bree (33) in Aspen.

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