RTL reality show: Red card from the audience: Odonkor flies out of the jungle camp

RTL reality show: Red card from the audience: Odonkor flies out of the jungle camp

In his best times, ex-footballer David Odonkor played for Borussia Dortmund and Betis Sevilla, and he scored an own goal in the jungle camp. There is now a receipt for this from the audience.

After a debate about scantily clad fellow campers, the RTL audience voted David Odonkor (39) as the first man out of the jungle camp. The ex-footballer got the fewest votes in the voting, announced the show’s moderation duo “I’m a star – get me out of here!” at night. “That’s the game,” the athlete explained after the decision.

The 39-year-old also previously offended some fellow campers because he was upset about the often scantily clad Leyla and Kim (“This is not a dating app here. You can do this revealing thing at home.”). Fellow campaigner Fabio clearly criticized the sexualization of women’s fashion: “Women are of course allowed to decide what they wear. What’s your problem? Are you now afraid that you’ll cheat?”

And what else happened on day 11? Camp oldie Heinz Hoenig had to take part in his first jungle test after moving in after he was previously banned for health reasons. During the food test, the 72-year-old, together with the much younger reality celebrities Fabio Knez (30) and Mike Heiter (31), spooned ice cream flavors with fly larvae and pureed mouse tails. In the end it was seven out of nine stars.

Is Felix von Jascheroff leaving voluntarily?

Meanwhile, “GZSZ” actor Felix von Jascheroff (41) was thinking about leaving the camp voluntarily. “I feel really shitty,” he confided to singer Lucy. He hardly has any energy left.

Before Odonkor moved out, three women were caught: “Germany’s Next Top Model” candidate Anya Elsner (20) and fashion designer Sarah Kern (55) received too few audience votes, and ex-racing driver Cora Schumacher (47) left the camp voluntarily. Now eight C-list celebrities still have the chance to win the jungle crown next Sunday.

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