Ashley Park: “Emily in Paris” star returns after shock

Ashley Park: “Emily in Paris” star returns after shock

Ashley in Paris. “Emily in Paris” star Ashley Park is back in France after being hospitalized following septic shock.

After being in the hospital for severe septic shock, Ashley Park (32) has arrived in the city of love. The “Emily in Paris” actress is recovering there before she can start filming the fourth season of the Netflix series. Earlier that year, tonsillitis had progressed to critical septic shock, affecting multiple organs.

Ashley Park now provides her followers with an update. In the post, she thanks her for the sympathy, for the “beautiful messages full of support and comfort” and the reports of sepsis and hospital stays that her fans have shared with her. “Every piece of news has honestly spurred a rapid and hopeful recovery,” she writes.

Thanks to Lily Collins for the cuddle

Ashley Park would also like to thank Netflix, the “Emily in Paris” team and everyone who gave her a lovely welcome in Paris. She posts pictures of the flowers that have reached her. She also shares photos of activities that she is now doing to recover: for example, a puzzle or acupuncture.

Last but not least, she thanks Lily Collins (34) for cuddling on the couch – she also shares a picture of it with her followers. Lily Collins retaliates with a comment. “I couldn’t love you more and when I hug you I feel like I’m at home,” writes the “Emily in Paris” actress.

A few days ago, Lily Collins announced via Instagram that filming for the fourth season of “Emily in Paris” had begun – still without Ashley Park. She’s waiting for a go from the medical department. In the meantime, the “Beef” actress promises to take a deep breath and “take care of myself as best I can to get back into fighting shape.”

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