Judith Rakers presents the “Tagesschau” one last time: her career and her life in pictures

Judith Rakers presents the “Tagesschau” one last time: her career and her life in pictures

Once she came to the studio drunk. She had made a mistake during the day and had forgotten that she was on duty as a news anchor for the “Nachtmagazin”. Instead, Judith Rakers sat in the restaurant with a friend and drank “sweet beer”. When her phone rang it said: “The show is in nine minutes.” Rakers got into the car and raced to the NDR studio “slightly energized”. The 48-year-old told this anecdote on the BR show “Ringlstetter” in 2021. Thank God the audience didn’t notice her condition, but she thought: ‘That’s it. You will be unprepared and slurring in front of the camera. This is the end of everything you’ve built,” Rakers said.

Apart from one or two small mishaps – once Rakers read out a report twice, another time the wrong one, and recently she had to conduct the broadcast with an old cable microphone due to sound problems – her career at the “Tagesschau” went flawlessly. Starting with the always perfectly coiffed, shiny hair. When she cut it last year, it almost made more headlines than the events of the day.

Rakers will no longer have to worry about such things in the future. She is leaving the “Tagesschau” after 19 years – at her own request. It’s time to “direct the focus in my life to other projects, to further expand my entrepreneurial activities and to tackle new things for which there hasn’t been enough time in addition to the news shift,” says Rakers. Today, January 31, 2024, she will be seen for the last time in the 8 p.m. edition of the “Tagesschau”.

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