Santiago del Moro entered the Big Brother house and surprised the participants

Santiago del Moro entered the Big Brother house and surprised the participants

Santiago del Moro He entered the house in person Big Brother to have dinner with the players and bring them the one-word messages that their families sent them.

The first to see him were Lucía and Agostina, who tried to hide the arrival of the communicator. However, when everyone began to approach the door, del Moro entered and everyone burst into a scream.

“The family sent a message to all of you, with one word. “I’m going to read it, you are going to tell me who you think sent it to you and I want each of you to tell me why you think that person said that word to you,” Del Moro began by saying.

What the messages from Big Brother relatives said

The message for Frederickhis mother told him “wake up” . “Some of my classmates may tell me that I sleep a lot…” Manzana commented.

For Agostina: “Authentic” , his mother told him. “I think it’s because I am this, what you see is what I am. “I miss everything, my daughter, my mother, the routine,” said the former police officer.

“Adored” wrote the mother of Rosina. “It’s because he loves me so much. I’m fine here, enjoying myself a lot. I have my days with some relapses but I try to find a way to continue,” declared the Uruguayan who also warned that there are things about her that he has not told yet.

“Excellent” was the message from the sister of Rage. “It helps me move forward,” said the player.

“Persevere”was the message from the mother of Sabrina which replaced one that originally belonged to Brian, her boyfriend. “She wants me to stay the way I am,” said the woman from Mendoza in response to what her mother wrote.

The mother of Zoe Told him “empower yourself”. “It was difficult for me to adapt but now I’m fine. It is difficult for me to miss and coexistence,” Zoe acknowledged.

“Activate”the daughters told Virginia. “I haven’t found the space yet. I don’t think it’s generational, but coming in here is overwhelming. But I am sure that I will activate and even more after this,” said Virgi.

“Superpowerful”said the girlfriend of Lucy. “Really cute,” the woman from Salta responded excitedly by her partner’s bench to the group she forms with Zoe and Rosina.

Nico, the husband of Immanuelhe sent him the word as a message “cuchicú”, which is what they call each other in everyday life. “I was never away from him for so long,” Emma declared through tears.

“Take a risk”said the girlfriend of Martin. “It is for the capable game, that he plays more,” reflected the athlete.

“Topa”said the brother of Baptist. “It’s because everything is fine,” said the Uruguayan.

“Have fun”asked the girlfriend Lysander. “He must be seeing me. I’m kind of a loner and I’ve gotten too involved in the game, and I end up isolating myself, missing out on the fun things,” reflected the financial advisor who later started crying and kept his promise to give Furia a try.

The mother of joel he sent the word “flawless”. “I love her, I hope everyone has the relationship I have with her,” he said excitedly.

“Explode”was the message he received Nico from his father, and he started crying and couldn’t answer.

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