Private audience: Pope Francis meets director Martin Scorsese

Private audience: Pope Francis meets director Martin Scorsese

Many of Martin Scorsese’s films are influenced by his Catholic origins. Now the director is meeting the Pope in the Vatican.

Just a few months after a visit from “Rocky” star Sylvester Stallone, Pope Francis met another Hollywood great. The American director Martin Scorsese (“The Last Temptation of Christ”) was received by the head of the Catholic Church in the Vatican at a private audience in the Vatican on Wednesday. According to the Holy See, the two met for a brief meeting. Scorsese (81) gave Francis a book and the two held a clapperboard together for the cameras.

In addition to his other obligations as head of the church, the 87-year-old pontiff meets almost every day for private audiences with individuals or groups. In addition to important church people from the Vatican or foreign bishops, public figures are often among the guests. In September, the Pope met the actor Sylvester Stallone (77). At that time, he asked him to take part in a boxing match just for fun.

Before the private meeting, Scorsese attended the Pope’s weekly general audience with his daughter Francesca. He was also accompanied by actress Lily Gladstone. The 37-year-old American plays one of the main roles in the latest Scorsese film “Killers of the Flower Moon” alongside Leonardo diCaprio and Robert De Niro. Scorsese is an Oscar winner and is considered one of the most famous directors in the world.

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