Helene Fischer: Pop star wants to “defend democracy”

Helene Fischer: Pop star wants to “defend democracy”

In the current cover story of “Stern” magazine, celebrities warn against right-wing extremists. Helene Fischer also positions herself.

The pop star Helene Fischer (39) is clearly against the right. In the new cover story of “Stern” magazine, the singer, who was otherwise rather apolitical, warns against discrimination and racism and calls on her fans to vote.

“Discrimination, racism, hatred and violence poison our society. I want to live in an open, tolerant and diverse Germany and wish for a colorful future for our children,” “Stern” quotes the pop star as saying. In her statement, Fischer also calls on her fan base to become active themselves and to exercise their right to vote: “We must defend our values ​​and our democracy now and not leave the field to the anti-democrats. In the coming elections, in Germany and… “In Europe, it will be decided which country we will live in in the future. Do the right thing, go to the polls! For democracy and against the extremists!”

Florian Silbereisen: “Nothing justifies contempt for humanity”

Fischer is not the only one who expresses herself politically in “Stern”. Florian Silbereisen (42) also made a statement: “Nothing, absolutely nothing, justifies contempt for humanity! Never! We have to make sure that no one has to be afraid – no matter what they believe in, where they come from or who they love.” His colleague Roland Kaiser (71) also said: “It makes me sad, angry and speechless that people today still commit the same outrages as my parents’ generation. That disappoints me deeply.”

Director Michael “Bully” Herbig (55) also warns of rising nationalism: “In the elections in July 1932, more than 37 percent of the population voted for the NSDAP in free elections. I always wondered how shit like that could happen .” For him there is no alternative to democracy. And actor Florian David Fitz (49) points out: “In the end it always affects the weak, and unfortunately you never know who the next weak person will be. It can affect anyone. We are no smarter than the people who wrote our Basic Law have.”

Collien Ulmen-Fernandes is racially insulted on the street

Actress Collien Ulmen-Fernandes (42) reports on her own experiences with racism: “With the rise of the AfD, the inhibition threshold to express xenophobic expressions has dropped enormously. I am now also being racially insulted on the street. That xenophobia is so loud and becoming popular scares me.”

Numerous other well-known personalities from culture and business position themselves in the article, including comedian Mario Barth (51) and his colleague Atze Schröder (58), influencer Diana zur Löwen (29), star chef Tim Raue (49), “GZSZ” star Wolfgang Bahro (63), musician Udo Lindenberg (77), ski world champion Felix Neureuther (39) and the President of the Bundesbank, Joachim Nagel (57).

Source: Stern

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