News anchor: Judith Rakers says goodbye to the “Tagesschau”

News anchor: Judith Rakers says goodbye to the “Tagesschau”

For 19 years, millions in Germany’s living rooms watched Judith Rakers read out the good and bad news on television. Now the ARD “Tagesschau” spokeswoman stopped.

Judith Rakers presented the “Tagesschau” for the last time. On Wednesday evening, the 48-year-old said goodbye at the end of the ARD’s 8 p.m. news program: “And now, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to say goodbye very discreetly, because this is my last “Tagesschau” program today. Thank you for that You have repeatedly let me into your living room over the last 19 years. And thanks to the best colleagues in the world, have a nice evening: goodbye.”

In the credits you could see colleagues coming into the studio on the NDR premises and bringing flowers for Rakers. Among them was “Tagesschau” spokesman Jens Riewa. The 48-year-old wore a cream-colored jumpsuit in her last broadcast. The main topics of the 15-minute edition were remembering the victims of National Socialism in the Bundestag and the general debate in the Bundestag.

Rakers is quitting to focus more on her entrepreneurial activities – for example, she has written a children’s book and has been active in gardening for years.

Rakers will continue to moderate

The native of Paderborn worked for the “Tagesschau” as a spokeswoman for 19 years. In 2005 she appeared in front of the camera for the first time as a spokeswoman for the news program – in the main edition at 8 p.m. for the first time in March 2008. She will not turn her back on public television completely: she moderates the talk show “3nach9” (Radio Bremen/NDR). she continues to present episodes of the ARD travel magazine “Wunderschön”.

According to ARD, there will initially be no successor for Rakers at the “Tagesschau”. The 8 p.m. main edition, which is seen by millions of viewers every day, will continue to be presented by Jens Riewa, Susanne Daubner, Julia-Niharika Sen, Thorsten Schröder and Constantin Schreiber.

Source: Stern

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