Sigmar Solbach: “Dr. Stefan Frank” role almost canceled

Sigmar Solbach: “Dr. Stefan Frank” role almost canceled

Sigmar Solbach became known in Germany as “Dr. Stefan Frank”. But the actor almost gave up his cult role.

From 1995 to 2001 he was “The Doctor Women Trust” on RTL. The role of Dr. Stefan Frank made Sigmar Solbach (77) known throughout Germany. He almost canceled his cult role again,

Sigmar Solbach: “Then I wanted to give my contract back”

The reason: The actor was bothered by the subtitle of the series at the time. “When I heard what Helmut Thoma [damaliger Programmdirektor bei RTL, Anm. d. Red.] for a subtitle, I then wanted to give back my contract and not play the whole thing anymore because I said: That’s not possible at all. ‘The doctor women trust,'” says Solbach.

He almost canceled the TV project if his agent hadn’t advised him against it. “But then my agent pulled me by the ears and said: ‘No, that’s out of the question, you do it.'” Today he is happy that he listened to his agent and that Dr. To have given Stefan Frank a face. “I’m very glad I did it, even with this subtitle.” He also noticed pretty quickly that the audience actually found the title quite entertaining and derived a variety of sayings from it.

Actor also has young fans

“Then there was ‘The doctor that women beat up’, ‘The doctor that women beat up’, ‘Who the women steal’. So there were endless corruptions. That shows that the whole thing is a cult series,” he remembers itself. The actor is still associated with the cult role today. Younger people would also appeal to him, says Solbach.

“Dr. Stefan Frank – The Doctor Women Trust” was a German medical series that was broadcast from 1995 to 2001 on RTL, but also in Switzerland, Austria and Belgium. The content of the episodes revolved around the life of the Munich gynecologist and surgeon Dr. Stefan Frank, whom Sigmar Solbach portrayed in more than 100 episodes over seven seasons.

Source: Stern

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