Big Brother: who are the new nominees

Big Brother: who are the new nominees

In a new nomination gala that took place in Big Brothereach participant went through the confessional to give their votes and the reasons for their choice, and Santiago del Moro announced the names of the people who are on plaque this week.

After counting the votes, the host of the Telefe reality show revealed that Fury, Agostina, Manzana, Nicolás, Sabrina, Licha, Joel and Emmanuel They are the new nominees who must decide their permanence in the program.

It is worth remembering that Martin Ku He became – again – the leader this week, which is why this Thursday he will have the power to save one of his colleagues from the plate and to send another who has not received the majority of votes.

The fight between Fury and Apple

Minutes after seeing the first plate, Juliana “Furia” Scaglione and “Apple” They were involved in a fierce argument in which the other contestants had to intervene so that it did not escalate.

It all started when Furia grabbed a cigarette from the singer. While she walked to the sauna, “Furia” launched comments against her colleagues for having nominated her. It was at that moment when the man from Tucumán attacked Juliana: “Enjoy the last pucho that you have stolen from me, you thief, you idiot.”

“If I didn’t steal it from you, you gave it to me, you bastard.”, she responded. “Piece of turnip, stop barding me for free… you want a camera, look how you laugh”Furia continued.

“Come on, come on, play the victim, come on, start, come on”Big Apple shouted back. “Look how the bitch wants the camera… this one“You want a soret camera…, I’m going to give it to you… you want to hear me scream, I’m going to throw all your clothes into the soret sink…” Juliana counterattacked.

“Stop, don’t get angry,” the influencer replied. “You want a camera, stupid…” said the athlete. “You need the camera,” Manzana attacked.

“You act nice to everyone and now you act crazy, you’re laughing your ass off, you know I’m jumping because I’m gunpowder, don’t fuck with me because I’ll break your head. “They are going to take me out but because I am going to break your head,” Furia threatened. before they cut the transmission.

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