David Beckham and Victoria Beckham: Super Bowl commercial jokes

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham: Super Bowl commercial jokes

The Beckhams once again demonstrate their sense of business: For a funny Super Bowl ad, they self-deprecatingly recreated the most famous scene from their Netflix documentary. And could therefore collect twice.

It was one of the funniest scenes in the Netflix documentary about David Beckham’s football career: Victoria Beckham is interviewed on a sofa and talks about her childhood. Just as she describes herself and her family as “working class,” her husband David interrupts her from the background. “Be honest!” he asks her. And asks: “What kind of car did your father take you to school in?” With a grin, Victoria Beckham has to admit that it was a Rolls Royce. Now the couple have recreated the viral clip for an advertisement.

The delivery service “Uber Eats” published a video on YouTube in which the two announced that they would be running an advertisement at the American Super Bowl. The advertising videos during the half-time break of the football spectacle are usually produced in a particularly original way, the spots are highly sought after and legendarily expensive. Thanks to the Beckhams, just the announcement of an advertisement is now causing a stir.

The Beckhams also promote their product

In the clip, as in the documentary, Victoria Beckham can be seen on the couch in an interview situation. “So, David and I are going to do a little commercial!” she says. “Be honest!” David Beckham chimes in from the side, like on Netflix. “Ok, it’s a big advertisement,” Victoria replies. “Tell them when you can see her!” asks the ex-footballer to his wife. “During the baseball game,” Victoria jokes, alluding to the couple’s British roots. David also acts like a newcomer who doesn’t know anything about football: “Or was it the Hockey Bowl?” The two then announced that they were particularly looking forward to “Jessica Aniston,” who would also be there. “We love Jessica!” jokes David Beckham.

Particularly clever: The two took advantage of the opportunity and advertised not only “Uber Eats”, but also the fashion of designer Victoria. Because in the clip she is wearing a white T-shirt with the inscription “My father had a Rolls Royce.” You can buy it in her shop. Cost: 130 euros.

So the Beckhams could win twice. And viewers can look forward to original advertising. Maybe really with Jennifer – sorry – Jessica Aniston as a guest.

Source: Stern

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