Danish Royals: King Frederik: Changing the throne was a touching experience

Danish Royals: King Frederik: Changing the throne was a touching experience

A large crowd of people cheered the new Danish head of state after he took over the throne. This doesn’t go unnoticed even by a royal.

Denmark’s King Frederik X has expressed his enthusiasm for the support with which the population has welcomed him to his new office. The 55-year-old told the Danish news agency Ritzau in his first interview as monarch that he will not soon forget the reception he received from a huge crowd in front of Christiansborg Palace.

“Being welcomed so beautifully, so cheerfully and so warmly at Christiansborg’s Palace Square was a very touching experience that hit me right in the heart,” he said in the conversation, which took place in Warsaw during a multi-day trip to Poland.

The first few weeks as head of state were a big change, but a good one. “It was fantastic to get the support of the Danes, who showed that they are ready for the next chapter. And so am I,” said Frederik. “It means that the people believe in me.”

Frederik took over the throne from his mother Queen Margrethe II (83) on January 14th. According to calculations by mobile operator 3, around 300,000 people cheered him in Copenhagen during the public celebrations of the change of throne, more than half of them in front of Christiansborg Palace. On the balcony of the castle he was announced as the new head of state that day by Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen. Frederik had tears of emotion in his eyes.

Source: Stern

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