The best dog breeds to live in an apartment

The best dog breeds to live in an apartment

live in a small apartment does not mean giving up the loyal and loving company of a dog. Some breeds They adapt especially well to small spaces, being excellent allies for those who enjoy urban life.

Of course, we cannot have any dogwe must consider several factors such as the home size in relation to the pet and if you will have a balcony to extend your journey.

The 7 best breeds to live in small apartments

With its compact size and relaxed temperament, the Bulldog Frances it’s perfect for departments. One of the biggest advantages is that your need for exercise is moderateand, furthermore, his friendly character It makes them excellent companions.

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The Chihuahuas They are famous for their diminutive size and loyalty. They are perfectly compatible with a small environment, however you must have daily walking sections and mental stimulation.


The Maltese They are small dogs with long, silky fur. Despite its appearance elegantThey are resistant and adapt well to urban life. They like to be in the home, so their owners should not be on top of them for everything.


The Pugs are little ones, adorable and adapt very well to limited spaces. His energy Playfulness and easy care make them a popular choice.


These intelligent and affectionate companion dogs have a lively personality and are known for their courage and home surveillance. Although they enjoy moderate physical activity, their smaller size makes it easier to meet their exercise needs. exercise in short spaces. This breed combines the size, character and affection necessary to live in your apartment.


The Pomeranianswith his lush fur and lively character, they are a small breed that often exceeds 10 years of life. Their adaptability and vitality make them lasting companions. It adapts perfectly to small environments.


The Beagles They are energetic and curious dogs that, despite its medium size, they can adapt well to life in small apartments. Their friendly nature and playful disposition make them excellent colleagues, and its manageable size makes it easy to coexist in small spaces. It is important to provide them with enough exercise and meal to satisfy your active needs.

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