Beauty trend 2024: Natural eyelashes are totally trendy

Beauty trend 2024: Natural eyelashes are totally trendy

Natural beauty will define 2024. Fake lashes will be exchanged for natural eyelashes. These products ensure voluminous eyelashes.

The beauty year 2024 is all about natural beauty: This also applies to the look of your eyes. Beauty experts predict that the trend is definitely moving away from fake lashes towards naturally curved eyelashes. Eyelash extensions and other artificial beauty aids therefore disappear at the bottom of the cosmetics shelf. Instead, other products come to the fore that help strengthen and emphasize the eyelashes in their natural shape.

Lash conditioner

In the new beauty year, not only your hair will be happy about additional care, but also your eyelashes. The use of a lash conditioner, which supplies the fine hairs around the eyes with rich ingredients, is very popular when it comes to eyelash care.

An eyelash conditioner gives the natural shape of the lashes more bounce and elasticity. If the beauty product is applied to the eyelashes before applying the mascara, the eyelashes will ultimately appear fuller and longer.

Integrating eyelash conditioners or serums into your daily care routine strengthens the eyelashes and promotes their growth. These care products often contain nourishing ingredients such as vitamins and oils that help strengthen the eyelashes and keep them healthy and supple.

Volume mascara

The right mascara ensures perfectly curved and voluminous eyes, even without fake lashes: If you invest in a new mascara, you should definitely buy a volume mascara. These specially developed beauty products help the eyelashes to form a thick lash line using specially developed brushes.

The right care for beautiful eyelashes

Be careful when using an eyelash curler! The eyelash curler should be clean when used – so don’t forget to clean it regularly. If you use an eyelash curler carefully, you can avoid breaking or kinking your eyelashes.

Regularly removing make-up and using high-quality products also contribute to perfectly groomed eyelashes.

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