Farewell: Bruce Springsteen mourns his mother

Farewell: Bruce Springsteen mourns his mother

The US rock star’s mother died at the age of 98. She suffered from Alzheimer’s for a long time. But that didn’t stand in the way of a shared passion between mother and son.

The mother of US rock legend Bruce Springsteen is dead. Adele Springsteen died on January 31st at the age of 98, the musician announced on Instagram and his homepage. Springsteen also released a video in which he and his mother – already in their old age – dance to jazz music. A cause of death was initially not known.

The Italian-born Adele Springsteen was born in 1925 in the New York borough of Brooklyn, as US media reported. She bought her son his first guitar. A line in Springsteen’s song “The Wish” (1998) reminds us of this: “A little boy and his mommy tremble in front of the window of a run-down music store. That night, a beautiful star shines on the top of a Christmas tree – and beneath it lies a brand new Japanese one Guitar.”

Even in her old age, Adele Springsteen often attended the rock star’s concerts and was often tempted to dance. In the last years of her life she suffered from Alzheimer’s. At a Broadway concert in 2021, Springsteen spoke about his mother’s illness, according to NBC. “That took a lot from us,” he said, “but she hasn’t lost the need to dance.”

In his Instagram post, Springsteen quoted another passage from his song “The Wish.” It’s also about a dance – and a reunion between mother and son: “I’ll be older, but you’ll recognize me immediately. We’ll find a little rock’n’roll bar and go dancing.”

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