Nicole Eggert: New cancer diagnosis | STERN.de

Nicole Eggert: New cancer diagnosis |  STERN.de

New shock for Nicole Eggert: After the breast cancer diagnosis, tumors were now discovered in the actress’s lymph nodes.

Bitter news from actress Nicole Eggert (52): Just a few weeks after announcing her breast cancer diagnosis, she said in an interview that cancer was also found in her lymph nodes.

She regrets implants and forgotten self-scans

In an interview, the former “Baywatch” star said that she had just found out from her doctors that the cancer had spread. She regrets not having checked her breasts regularly. “That’s the only thing I should have done.” She previously spoke about how her breast implants, which she got as a teenager, made it harder to detect the cancer. “If I hadn’t had them and instead had my smaller, natural breasts, I certainly would have felt it a lot sooner.”

That’s why she regrets her breast operation: “It was a stupid decision for an 18-year-old.” However, she felt pressured when she was filming in a swimsuit for the series “Baywatch”. “When you have to put on that onesie and you’re so flat that it wrinkles… you’re like, ‘What is that?’.” However, she can only advise all women to leave their breasts alone and not enlarge them.

At the beginning of January, Eggert made it public that she was suffering from breast cancer. In the current interview, she recalled the moment she found out about her stage 2 breast cancer diagnosis. “My heart sank, I lost all hearing, everything sank.”

She has two daughters

Nicole Eggert starred as lifeguard Summer Quinn on the hit series “Baywatch” for two seasons from 1992 to 1994. She had other appearances in the series “TJ Hooker” and “Who’s the Boss Here?”. She is a single mother to daughters Dilyn, 25, and Keegan, 12, and admitted her “biggest fear” is no longer being there for her children.

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