Consumer advocates are suing advertising on Amazon Prime Video

Consumer advocates are suing advertising on Amazon Prime Video
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The German Federal Association of Consumer Organizations (VZBV) announced that it wanted to take action against this with a lawsuit. The local Association for Consumer Information (VKI) is also considering legal action, it said on Friday in response to an APA request.

The VKI is already examining Amazon’s actions “and will take legal action if possible,” explained Joachim Kogelmann, a lawyer in the lawsuits department, in a written statement to the APA. “From a current consumer protection perspective and based on the current state of knowledge, this approach by the online retailer can be criticized for several reasons,” it says.

Significant contract change

Amazon had previously announced that it would offer films and series with advertising “to a limited extent” from February 5th. German consumer advocates are taking action against the provider’s unilateral change. According to the VZBV, Prime Video users are still entitled to the ad-free option for the previously contractually agreed amount.

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The VZBV complains that the provider has to obtain the consent of its users because, in the association’s opinion, this is a significant change to the contract. The VKI takes a similar approach. “From a consumer law perspective, a company cannot easily intervene in the contract and restrict the service previously offered – as is the case in the current procedure,” argued Kogelmann.

Amazon rejected the allegations

The association is therefore already legally examining the contract change with regard to compliance with the applicable consumer protection regulations. For “tactical considerations,” no further details can be given, “in particular in order not to give a possible opponent an excessive advantage,” as the VKI lawyer put it.

Amazon rejected the allegations. Amazon spokesman Michael Ostermeier told the specialist portal “Meedia” that all legal obligations had been met: “Prime Video customers were informed transparently and in accordance with legal regulations by email at the beginning of the year, and the price of the ad-free option was also set at 2 .99 euros announced.” Customers have “all options and can continue to use their Prime membership with limited advertising as before, switch to an ad-free version or end their membership at any time.”

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