Netflix released a movie starring Ricardo Darín that is among the most viewed and will make you cry with laughter

Netflix released a movie starring Ricardo Darín that is among the most viewed and will make you cry with laughter

Netflix continues to add content and in the last few hours it uploaded “El amor menosthought”, an Argentine film that captivated audiences around the world.. Starring the iconic actor Ricardo Darín and the talented Mercedes Morán, The film directed by Juan Vera delves into the complexities of long-term relationships: the plot follows Marcos and Ana, a couple who, after 25 years of marriage, decide to explore separate paths in search of rekindling the spark in their life. loving

This is a movie from the streaming platform that offers A candid and often humorous look at the challenges of maintaining passion and emotional connection as couples age. Darín, known for his ability to convey a wide range of emotions, shines in his portrayal of Marcos, while Morán brings depth and authenticity to the character of Ana.

This couple’s journey in search of unlikely love raises universal questions about the nature of commitment and the constant search for happiness in the context of long-term relationships.

With intelligent dialogue and touching moments, “Love Least Thought” is a thought-provoking film about love, intimacy and the importance of rediscovering yourself in the second half of life.


Synopsis of The Least Thought of Love, the film with Ricardo Darín recently released on Netflix

The least expected love” is an Argentine romantic comedy directed by Juan Vera and released in 2018. The plot follows Marcos (played by Ricardo Darín) and Ana (played by Mercedes Morán), a couple from Buenos Aires who was married for 25 years. When their only son goes to study abroad, Marcos and Ana find themselves faced with an emotional void in their daily lives and they begin to question the stability and routine of their relationship.

In an attempt to relive the passion and excitement of their first days together, They decide to go their separate ways and explore new love experiences.

The film humorously and movingly addresses the challenges and surprises they face as they seek to rediscover love in the second half of their lives. As the two venture into the unknown world of dating and relationships, the story offers intelligent reflections on love, intimacy, and the meaning of long-term commitment.

The film stands out for the convincing performances of Darín and Moránas well as for its honest and funny approach to the complexities of love and emotional connection.

Trailer for Love Least Expected

Cast of Love Least Thought

Ricardo Darín, Mercedes Morán, Claudia Fontán, Luis Rubio, Andrea Pietra, Jean Pierre Noher, Claudia Lapacó, Chico Novarro, Gabriel Corrado, Andrea Politti, Andrés Gil, Mariú Fernández and with the participation of Norman Briski and Juan Minujín.

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