Claudio Rissi died: the emotional farewell of actors from El Marginal, Los Simuladores and Okupas

Claudio Rissi died: the emotional farewell of actors from El Marginal, Los Simuladores and Okupas

Without a doubt Claudio Rissi He was an actor loved and respected by the public and also by his colleagues. Proof of this is that shortly after the sad news of the death of his former colleagues in emblematic series such as The Marginal, The Simulators, Squatters and more turned to their networks to say goodbye to him.

The Argentine Association of Actors confirmed the sad news through its networks: “We say goodbye with great sadness to our member, the actor Claudio Rissi. During his career of more than four decades he stood out in television, film and theater. We accompany his loved ones in this difficult moment “.

The emotional farewell of Claudio Rissi on the networks

Nicolás Furtado didn’t need more than an image of the two hugging in the rain to say goodbye to his colleague and friend Claudio Rissi. Together, they formed one of the unforgettable couples on Argentine television: they were Mario and Diosito Borges in El Marginal.


Federico D’Elía expressed his pain at the death of the actor with whom he shared one of the country’s biggest television hits: Los Simuladores. There Rissi was Galván, one of the protagonists of the first chapter.

The producer also published an image from the time of the renowned series and accompanied it with a heartfelt message: “Always in our hearts, dear black man. How sad.”


His partner in the aforementioned series, Alejandro Fiore, also dedicated a message to Rissi: “You will be missed dear Negro RIP.”


For their part, former colleagues from the series Okupas also said goodbye to the actor. Ariel Staltari published a story of the actor in his role “El fletero”:


Diego Alonso also remembered Rissi on his networks: “My friend… I’m going to miss you.”


Rodrigo de la Serna also said goodbye with “See you always Claudio dear.”


The actor and director Osvaldo “Cacho” Santoro, wrote at the bottom of a photo together: “A tremendous actor and a great companion. Pain for your departure Claudio Rissi. May the earth be light to you. May you rest in peace”

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Producer and journalist Axel Kuschevatzky noted “Claudio Rissi was simply wonderful, on camera and off.”

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