Melanie Müller: Charges filed after drug discovery

Melanie Müller: Charges filed after drug discovery

Melanie Müller, once celebrated jungle queen, is once again confronted with allegations. Officers accidentally found drugs in her home.

There are currently proceedings against the singer and former jungle queen Melanie Müller (35) for unlawful possession of narcotics. , charges have now been filed. The responsible senior public prosecutor Ricardo Schulz (59): “The accused is accused of having illegally had narcotics in his possession on a day in August 2023.”

According to reports, it was an accidental discovery by the police. On August 16, 2023, a bailiff with financial and police officers carried out a raid on Melanie Müller’s home. Müller himself was in Mallorca at the time. However, the police found small amounts of a cocaine mixture and an ecstasy pill in her handbag as so-called “bycatch”.

This is what Melanie Müller says about the drug discovery

. The drug finds were “leftovers” from her former partner, which he had hidden in the house.

Melanie Müller, who was born in Grimma, won the RTL show “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” in 2014. and 2021 “Celebrity Big Brother”. In May 2023, the Leipzig public prosecutor’s office brought charges against Müller. The authorities accuse the singer of having shown the banned “Hitler salute” at a concert. She herself claimed that the hand movements were “zig zag zig zag” gestures that she had been doing on stage for years.

Source: Stern

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