Chinese New Year in CABA: when, where and how to receive 4722

Chinese New Year in CABA: when, where and how to receive 4722
February 3, 2024 – 00:11

The City of Buenos Aires celebrates the year of the Wooden Dragon. More than 40 stands with gastronomic, craft and cultural proposals; shows and purchasing products. Learn more.


This Saturday February 3 is celebrated on Chinese New Yearhe year of the Wood Dragon. The Chinese community will welcome the 4722 through artistic shows, martial arts demonstrationsthe traditional dragon dance accompanied by the lions and delicious typical gastronomy. Find out what time and where the celebration will take place.

He Chinese New Year It is the most significant holiday for the Chinese community. It is celebrated all over the world and is already a tradition in the Buenos aires citywhich every year brings together a large number of neighbors and tourists who come to share the culture of this ancient town.

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When and where is the Chinese New Year celebrated in CABA?

He Chinese New Year It is celebrated this Saturday, 17 to 22in the Argentine National Parks Squarelocated in Mcal. Antonio José de Sucre 601. Entrance is free and open. Due to the heat wavethe event will feature hydration stations to recharge the reusable bottles.

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Chinese New Year: schedule of activities and events in CABA

Saturday February 3

The event will feature more than 40 stands where there will be gastronomic, artisanal and cultural proposals. In gastronomy you can enjoy the famous dishes offered by the community such as sweet and sour chicken, chaw fan, sushi, chop suey, dan tat, buble tea, Chinese pastries. You can also purchase decorative objects. feng shui, typical clothing and much more. There will also be no shortage of samples of calligraphy, tea ceremony and traditional chinese medicine talks.

The proposal of shows It will be quite varied, there will be concerts of ancient instruments such as the Guzhenthe drums and the erhuas well as traditional danceswhich with its display of colorful costumes, will transport us to the ancient east.

This year in particular the imposing Dragonwho will offer his typical dance to predict the good luck to all present. He will be accompanied by Chinese Lionsthe martial arts exhibitions of adults and children, Chi Kung and Tai Chi to health.


Sunday February 4

In it Puerto Madero Dock 1of 12 to 18there will be a race Dragon Boats. It is a nautical sport that expresses a ancient cultural manifestation. This activity reached Argentina in 2018 and the first competition was in 2019. Today the discipline has more thousands of followers and this is the South American country with the greatest development in this discipline.

Saturday, February 10 and Sunday, February 11

He Chinatown welcome the new year with everything. Of 12 to 20there will be activities: ancient Chinese culture show, Dragon dance, Chinese calligraphy, traditional instruments and typical dances.

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Carla ArtunduagaGeneral Director of Collectives and Migrants of the City of Buenos Aires, expressed: “Since the city ​​government We are very happy to carry out this important celebration for the Chinese community for another year. He Chinese New Year It is already part of the Buenos Aires traditions and at the same time it is a new opportunity for value and appreciate the rich cultural diversity that characterizes our City. I wish you a very happy year of the wooden dragon.”

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