Emigrate to Europe: the country that provides facilities for Argentines who want to go to work

Emigrate to Europe: the country that provides facilities for Argentines who want to go to work

More and more Argentines decide to emigrate to another country in America or to Europe due to the economic and security problems of our country. Now, There is a country on the Old Continent that offers ease for Argentines who decide to move to their country and have their citizenship: it is Italy.

For those looking for better job opportunities and a better economic life, Italy offers stay and guaranteed employment for all Argentines who are of Italian descent who want to settle there temporarily or permanently.

This is an international recruitment project, whose main objective is to repopulate certain localities and towns in the country of the European Union to attack the important demographic crisis that he suffers.

What are the requirements to easily emigrate to Italy?

The initiative, carried out by the Association of Italo Argentinos, offers to emigrate to Italy to all those people who meet these requirements:

-Have Italian citizenship or be in a position to require it.

-Being over 18 years.

-People with a completed university or tertiary degree.

-Management of the English and Italian language.

To participate, you must complete a registration form and send the complete CV to [email protected].

What are the jobs available for Argentines

The most in-demand jobs in Italy are those that are linked to:


-Hospitality and tourism.



-Logistics service.

Raffaele Mostaccioli, general secretary of the Association of Italo Argentinosassured that the entity seeks “not to see other schools close due to lack of students” and achieve “economic and social recovery” in these small towns.

What are the requirements to process Italian citizenship?

The options for Argentines to process Italian citizenship are:

-On the paternal line: There is no date or descendant limit to process it.

-On the maternal line: the child of the Italian citizen must have been born after 01/01/1948.

-For marriages celebrated before 04/27/1983: a foreign woman married to an Italian citizen automatically acquires Italian citizenship.

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