Elon Musk’s method to improve Tesla: he will make his employees sleep on the production line

Elon Musk’s method to improve Tesla: he will make his employees sleep on the production line
February 3, 2024 – 09:00

In order to meet the company’s objectives and overcome the crisis, Elon Musk decided to change the habits of his employees. I know the details.

I discovered the curious method of Elon Musk to save Tesla Motors.

With the historic fall in the shares of Tesla Motorsits executive director, Elon Musk, He is willing to do whatever is necessary to save the company: even making his employees sleep in the factory. This unusual approach caught the attention of readers, who were surprised by the magnate’s statements.

Crisis at Tesla: why the shares fell


Tesla Motors shares suffered a memorable fall.

The actions of Tesla Motors They suffered a memorable fall.


There are many variables that impact the Tesla stock dropbut perhaps the most decisive error was the problem Cybertruck, the firm’s first electric truck. Its production process went through years of delays and changes to have a terrible commercial reception.

The very same Elon Musk admitted that the entire project with the truck It didn’t turn out in the best possible way: tesla He dug his own grave. (The Cybertruck) is one of those special products that appear only once in a while and are incredibly difficult to bring to market, achieve volume and be successful.”

Given this scenario, the tycoon needs to regain good luck with the company and have a memorable 2024, whatever the cost.

Elon Musk’s method to increase productivity at Tesla


Far from giving up, Elon Musk is willing to do anything to save Tesla Motors.

Far from giving up, Elon Musk He is willing to do anything to save Tesla Motors.

In conversation with some investors, elon Musk referred to the possibility that his workers they would have to make sacrifices: “That will be a challenging production ramp. We will practically be sleeping on the production line. Not practically, in fact we will be sleeping there.”

In this way, the magnate revealed that he plans for his factory employees in Texas sleep there, in order to produce a perfect and successful electric vehicle.

Although it could be taken as a non-literal expression, it is clear that Musk is willing to make the necessary sacrifices to improve the situation of Tesla Motors and get the company afloat. Furthermore, it would not be the first time that workers They have to sleep on the production line.

The specific reason behind the entire demand is a future generation electric vehiclewhich would be assembled by tesla sometime in 2025.

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