RTL jungle camp: Lucy, Leyla and Tim are in the jungle final

RTL jungle camp: Lucy, Leyla and Tim are in the jungle final

They talk about sex, they lie in bed and in the end – nothing much happens. An almost never-ending flirt story ends in the RTL jungle. Now everyone can concentrate on the final.

The singer Lucy Diakovska (47, No Angels), the reality candidate Leyla Lahouar (27) and the influencer Twenty4Tim (23) are in the final of the RTL jungle camp. The three received awards on the show “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!” most of the viewers’ votes, as the presenter duo Sonja Zietlow and Jan Köppen announced late on Saturday evening. This means you can have increased hopes for the so-called jungle crown, which the winner of the format can put on his head. The finale of the 17th season can be seen on Sunday evening (10:15 p.m., RTL).

However, things went badly for reality star Mike Heiter and his colleague Fabio Knez. The two giant buddy campers ended up in fourth and fifth place in the decisive vote. That was tantamount to being kicked off the show. Heiter was perhaps not completely unprepared, as he had already been behind in an interim result the day before along with Leyla Lahouar. While the reality contestant was able to catch up, he couldn’t.

The expulsion was unfortunate for Heiter because he had only just brought some order into his private life in the camp. In the past few days, a flirtatious relationship had developed between him and Lahouar, sometimes characterized by close proximity and sometimes by strange distance. This continued in the show on Saturday. First came the closeness: The two talked about their sex life (“How many times a week do you fuck?” she asked – “I don’t have a routine or anything. It just happens,” he explained). Later, they even snuggled up together under a blanket on a camp cot. A completely unusual image for the format, which is more about disgust tests than about partnering. The good time was only interrupted by fellow camper Lucy Diakovska, who told Heiter to carry wood in a serious tone.

Hygiene becomes a problem between Mike and Leyla

But the two flatbed pioneers weren’t really happy with their night the next morning. “It wasn’t such a good idea to sleep in the same bed with Leyla,” said Heiter. “The beds aren’t made for two people. We’ve found that out now.” Lahouar said she sweated there like she was in a sauna. “I thought that cuddling might be different, a little bit,” she admitted. “But that just wasn’t possible on this cot.” When fellow camper Fabio Knez wanted to know whether there had been a kiss, she said no. “Not even under the blanket so that no one can see it?” Knez asked incredulously. “Poor Germany.”

In a conversation with Knez, Heiter was then forced to explain his reluctance. It’s just that he doesn’t feel well himself. Hygiene is the problem, the smell. When Knez objected that he wouldn’t do “a big program” but brought a kiss into play, Heiter rejected that too. Reason: “The toothpaste is not my toothpaste.” The reality star visibly struggled with his role. “I just want to be Mike and not always in connection with some woman,” he said. Heiter became known through his participation in dating formats (“Love Island”).

Apparently the time had now come for a clarifying conversation in which Heiter explained his “inhibition” towards Lahouar in somewhat clumsy words. “We get along so well. For me, that’s it: we get along well,” he told her. But you shouldn’t misunderstand that. “In terms of your attitudes and everything, you’re definitely great. You definitely fit right into my picture,” he told her. But there doesn’t have to be a direct sexual connection behind it. “We can hug each other too.”

Lahouar later cried and said she was very angry with herself. “Because I always somehow see something in men, but somehow they don’t see anything in me.” It marked the end of a long storyline in this year’s jungle camp, which had sometimes mutated into the main storyline.

Jungle test “Creek of the Stars”

Meanwhile, in the jungle test “Creek of the Stars,” a legendary water fight, the campers earned full points. Singer Lucy Diakovska was particularly impressive, as she could see the pure will in her eyes. Like a superhero in a hail of bullets, she defied the masses of water. If you had to give a tip on the winner before the final – she certainly wouldn’t be a bad choice. We are looking for a successor to the jungle queen of 2023, the make-up artist Djamila Rowe.

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