Fátima Florez talked about her relationship with Javier Milei: what she said about her desire to be a mother

Fátima Florez talked about her relationship with Javier Milei: what she said about her desire to be a mother

florez She was one of the guests at the gala night of “La chiqui” in the spa city, where she celebrated her birthday. There she performs the season with the show “Fátima a100%”. At the gala dinner with a table of luxury guests, the artist did not avoid the question and told how she carries on her relationship with Milei.

Just hours away from celebrating his birthday in Mar del Plata, Fatima Florez She was one of the guests at the table Mirtha Legrand. As part of a special broadcast, the diva’s cycle was broadcast from the Hotel Costa Galana and “the Chiqui” She was the host of a table with various topics and figures from entertainment and television. Over there, The comedian reviewed her artistic present, gave details of her relationship with Javier Milei and spoke about her wishes for the future.

Fátima Florez talked about her relationship with Javier Milei

Accompanied by the singer Raúl Laviejournalist Marcelo Polino and the actress Iliana CalabroLa Noche de Mirtha put the focus on the lives and careers of the guests, although without deviating from current affairs.

In that sense, Chiqui began with her characteristic questions and consulted Fatima if her life had changed since she began a relationship with the economist. “My life is still the same because I am still the same, working, doing my plays, rehearsing and preparing new characters,” said the impersonator.


Immediately afterwards, Legrand insisted on the issue of Florez and Milei’s relationship so he said: “Did you know love? Is this the first time you’ve fallen in love like this?” “. The comedian responded: “I am going to talk about this love, I feel like it was reborn. I’m feeling things I’ve never felt before, it makes me feel very good. I found a person who, just by looking at each other, we understand each other. He never argues (Milei), it is a very new relationship, since July 13, seven months. I am a person who does not like to argue and we take great care of the bond.”

Fátima Florez spoke about her desire to be a mother in the future

Then, incisive, Legrand asked Florez about the possibility of marrying Milei: “I think it’s too soon. I believe that there is something stronger than getting married, sharing that spirituality that we share, we are people who love animals. I have two cats, I brought them to the hotel (Mike and Harry). They hear my voice and become alert, both machos. Harry for the prince and Mike for Michael Jackson. I’m at the hotel all day and then I go to the theater. They are always accompanied,” said the artist last night.

“Tonight, even though it’s my birthday, I’m going to give Javier a gift, because he’s a big fan of my Cher imitation. This year I didn’t have that character in the repertoire because I added Taylor Swift and others.”revealed Fatima Florez at the La Feliz table.

With our eyes set on the future, Mirtha Legrand asked Fátima Florez if she had the desire to be a mother. With a smile and joy, the artist stated: “Yes, I would like it. How can I say no? I would like to and more and more, it seems to me to be a very great act of love,” she opened up before the cameras.

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