Felix Lobrecht offers Berlin animal shelter a deal

Felix Lobrecht offers Berlin animal shelter a deal

Hard shell, soft and apparently fluffy core. Felix Lobrecht is known for his rude sayings, but in his podcast he also shows a completely different side. Now he offers the Berlin animal shelter a deal.

Moderator Tommi Schmitt and comedian Felix Lobrecht have been chatting weekly about a wide range of topics in their podcast “Gemischtes Hack” for years. From politics to childhood memories, everything is there. The two are often a kind of “good cop – bad cop”, with Schmitt usually holding up the moral flag and Lobrecht talking like he can.

But in the latest podcast episode “Schweinemann” Felix Lobrecht shows a completely different, soft and caring side. Towards the end of the episode, the two men chat about which television show they would host if they had to. Schmitt made it clear: “‘Animals are looking for a home’, immediately!”.

Lobrecht would have difficulty with that: “Yes, Tommi, but I can tell you why not,” he replies. “It makes you so sad, all the stories.” Schmitt sees the added value in the success rate of the placement and appeals to the creators of the format: “‘Animals are looking for a home’, if a vacancy arises, call me!”

Felix Lobrecht wants to help the animals

Then Lobrecht follows up: “I donate money to the Berlin animal shelter every year and I’ve often had the idea that I would like to do something like that with them, so to speak, like ‘animals are looking for a home.’ , let’s say it like it is, given to us by the shopkeepers. These are all lovely little dogs or cats or something else that were just abandoned by some assholes because it was Christmas or ‘Oh, that’s one Living creatures that want to come out too, I don’t feel like it at all.”

Felix Lobrecht is obviously serious about his offer and calls on the Berlin animal shelter: “So if you’re interested, Animal Shelter Berlin, please let me know, I’ll do it. I’ll sell you the ugliest dog you have, I’ll get rid of it, like that “That he has a great life. And if I take him myself.” Of course, Tommi Schmitt also gets involved and would thus have his personal chance to adopt dogs: “I’m there.”


Source: Stern

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