Bushido: Abou-Chaker acquitted of main charges

Bushido: Abou-Chaker acquitted of main charges

Bushido’s ex-manager Arafat Abou-Chaker was acquitted of large parts of the charges by the LG Berlin and got off with a fine.

The verdict in the criminal trial against Arafat Abou-Chaker (47) was reached after around three and a half years of negotiations. According to consistent media reports, the Berlin clan boss and ex-manager of rapper Bushido (45) got away with a lenient sentence and was largely acquitted of the allegations made. The Berlin Regional Court simply found that Abou-Chaker had unauthorized tape recordings made in 13 cases. For this he was fined 90 daily rates of 900 euros each, a total of 81,000 euros.

However, he was acquitted of the main charges that could have given him a long prison sentence. The court did not consider it proven that Abou-Chaker wanted to blackmail his former business partner Bushido into paying millions of dollars. For the period between January 15 and January 31, 2019, during which Abou-Chaker was in custody because of the unconfirmed allegations, he will now also receive prison compensation.

Judges follow the defense’s arguments

In doing so, the judges completely followed the defense’s demands. The public prosecutor previously demanded a prison sentence of four years, three months and one week for Abou-Chaker. His co-accused brothers were also acquitted on the crucial points, and one of the three also received compensation.

The trial has been running since August 17, 2020. Bushido himself testified on a total of 25 days of the trial, his wife Anna-Maria Ferchichi (42) on five days. After the allegations were made, Bushido was even under police protection for a long time. He now lives with his family in Dubai. At its core, the trial was about the business relationship between the rapper and the clan boss that broke down in 2018.

Abou-Chaker was his manager for many years until Bushido wanted to get out of the contract. As a result, according to Bushido’s account, there was a massive escalation, after which the musician accused his ex-partner of, among other things, deprivation of liberty, attempted serious predatory blackmail and grievous bodily harm. The public prosecutor’s office later brought the allegations to court.

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