Alfons Schuhbeck gets released: celebrity chef moves to open prison

Alfons Schuhbeck gets released: celebrity chef moves to open prison

Because he didn’t pay millions in taxes, Alfons Schuhbeck had to go to prison. Now he is allowed out again for the first time – even if only temporarily.

It was a rapid decline: just a few years ago, Alfons Schuhbeck was known as a TV chef, celebrity host and operator of several star restaurants. Then bankruptcy came unexpectedly. Last year was the lowest point: Schuhbeck had to go to prison because he had not paid taxes totaling 2.3 million euros. Only six months after starting prison, the first ray of hope comes for him: Schuhbeck is said to have been transferred to an open prison.

“Bild” claims to have found out about this from unspecified sources. According to the paper, Schuhbeck was transferred to the Rothenfeld correctional facility in Andechs on Monday. The institution, located near Lake Ammersee, is not visually reminiscent of a prison, but rather of an estate. And Schuhbeck should actually enjoy more freedom there – and be allowed to leave prison temporarily as a prisoner.

Good leadership

According to “Bild”, the reason for the decision is his good behavior in his first months of imprisonment in the Landsberg am Lech prison. Schuhbeck even worked voluntarily in the library there. It is surprising that he was transferred so quickly: the star chef was sentenced to three years and two months in prison in 2022 and did not begin his sentence until August 2023.

The Rothenfeld correctional facility in Andechs, Bavaria

In the Rothenfeld prison, Schuhbeck now has significantly fewer restrictions than in the classic prison system. According to “Merkur,” prisoners there are allowed to move freely around the prison. With 101 inmates, the maximum occupancy is already low, but the institution is usually not even half full. The area, which was once built as the summer residence of Mr. von Andechs, is more reminiscent of a boarding school than a prison, according to the newspaper.

You can see an overview of his previous prison in the video.

Alfons Schuhbeck’s first step into freedom

As an outdoorsman, Schuhbeck can even do normal work. According to “Bild”, he is supposed to work at the Schubecks Company. She runs a spice shop that previously belonged to the chef, which had to be sold as part of his bankruptcy. After work, Schuhbeck has to continue serving his sentence.

The fact that the transfer should give Koch hope for further relief is due to a former inmate. Bayern manager Ulli Hoeness, who was also convicted of tax evasion, was once transferred from the closed prison system to Rothenfeld and was allowed to work for his club again. Two months later he was released early.

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