Netflix announces Korean content arriving in 2024

Netflix announces Korean content arriving in 2024

Netflixthe destination for fans of Korean content around the world, has prepared an impressive array of new series, movies and reality shows that will excite audiences throughout 2024.

This year’s programming includes top-level titles, beloved series that return, movies of all genres and a wide range of reality shows.

During the 53 weeks of 2023 (between January 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023), one or more Korean titles were in the Top 10 in at least one of the Latin American countries.

In total, 44 Korean titles from nine different genres reached the Top 10 in at least one Latin American country and the genres with the most titles on the list were Drama, Romance and Action. Argentina was no exception since several titles conquered the Top 10 non-English speaking series in our country. From action and science fiction series like The Monster of Old Seoul, Black Knight and houndsgoing through reality shows like The squid game: the challengeand intense dramas and romances that conquered the audience like The glory, The masked girl and King the land.

Korean content coming to Netflix this 2024

The long-awaited returns of beloved characters and iconic worlds

Fan favorites finally return this year, with the world awaiting the second season of The squid game. The third season of Sweet Home It will premiere this year, when the monstrous transformation comes to an end and a new humanity begins. The second season of The monster of old Seoul transports Park Seo-jun and Han So-hee to present-day Seoul, and the second season of Heading to hell delves into the aftermath of the chaos of the first.

Netflix’s Korean reality shows from last year are back stronger. The first season of Physical ability:100 was the first reality show to occupy the top spot on Netflix’s list of the 10 best (non-English speaking) television series. With Physical Ability: 100 – Season 2: Underground Mine, a new group of 100 contestants from even more varied backgrounds will test their limits in large-scale challenges in a new underground concept. Meanwhile, Zombieverse improves its zombies in the second season, making survival even more difficult for the new cast.

After the success of the third season, which surprised viewers with unexpected changes and twists in the rules, Heaven for two becomes the first Korean reality show to be renewed for a fourth season on Netflix, with a new group of singles continuing their search for love. To raise the temperature, the talk show spicy affairs expands its horizons from Asia to present the protagonists of the adult entertainment industry in Europe.

From suspense to romance and from comedy to action: captivating series for everyone

Netflix continues to offer romantic stories. With a historical background, Captivate a king explore love in a game of Go; while, back in the present, The queen of tears reunites an estranged couple, with the long-awaited return of Kim Soo-hyun (It’s Okay to Not Be Okay) and Kim Ji-won (My Liberation Diary) to the genre. Besides, Existential emergencies adds a medical touch to the romantic comedy, and Resident Playbook (temporary title) introduces Go Youn-jung (Alchemy of Souls) in the spin-off of Hospital hallways.

To shake up the genre, unique twists can be found in series like Mr. Planktonwhere an unhappy woman accompanies her ex-boyfriend on the last trip of her life to search for her biological parents; Hierarchy, a teen revenge romance; and A suitcasestarring the legendary Gong Yoo (Goblin), where dark secrets of a clandestine matchmaking service come to light.

For suspense enthusiasts, The legacy intertwines murders and dark secrets with a fateful family cemetery. In The killer paradoxChoi Woo-sik (Parasite) and Son Suk-ku (DP: The Desert Hunter) participate in an intricate game of chase, while no one in the forest takes viewers to a hotel deep in a forest to solve a case. This year’s K-dramas not only involve solving crimes, but The maelstrom It also introduces a political dispute to be resolved.

Laugh out loud with chicken nugget and delve into black comedy with The 8 Showboth based on popular webtoons. Parasyte: The Grays will bring the world of Hitoshi Iwaaki’s beloved manga to life in an all-new setting and story: Korea.

Shocking movies and reality shows that ignite the imagination

This year, Netflix will do everything it can to expand the diversity of its film catalog, with titles starring Korean talents of global significance. Genres include romance and drama (My name is Loh Kiwan) with Song Joong-ki (Vincenzo), action (Black Belt Agent) with Kim Woo-bin (Black Knight), catastrophic science fiction (The Great Flood) with Park Hae-soo (Narcosantos), dystopian science fiction (Hunters in inhospitable land) with Don Lee (Eternals) and historical (Uprising) with Gang Dong-won (Broker: Trading Lives). Notably, uprising is Netflix’s first collaboration with Park Chan-wook.

Likewise, Netflix is ​​taking reality shows to the next level, with premiere series that present new themes on an unprecedented scale. Special groups solve strange cases in agents of mystery and people with great purchasing power show their luxurious lives in Millionaires of the world in Korea. In InfluencerSouth Korean content creators compete for attention, while Unknown Chefs (temporary title) brings together 100 chefs for a fierce culinary showdown.

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