Prince William is back on duty and a little mishap happens

Prince William is back on duty and a little mishap happens

Kate is sick in bed and recovering from her abdominal surgery, King Charles has to deal with a cancer diagnosis and Prince William returns to duty in the middle of the royal hospital.

From an early age, he learned from his late grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, not to let on in public and to always carry out the job perfectly. While the Royals’ family is in a whirlwind of illness, Prince William is holding the flag high for the monarchy.

This Wednesday, the heir to the throne was back in the service of the crown after weeks of abstinence, which he needed to look after his wife and children. The 41-year-old received several guests at an investiture ceremony at Windsor Castle. On Wednesday evening, the prince is scheduled to take part in a charity event, a fundraiser for rescue aircraft.

King Charles’ meeting with the Prime Minister scheduled for today took place by telephone. The BBC news magazine writes that Downing Street does not normally comment on meetings with King Charles: “…in this particular case we can confirm that they will speak on the phone later,” it said this morning. The king is currently said to be in Sandringham in Norfolk and began his treatment against the treacherous disease last month.

King Charles works from home, Prince William represents him locally

The monarch should continue to carry out his formal constitutional functions via home office. However, his older son and heir to the throne, Prince William, will largely represent him at on-site appointments.

At today’s investitures, Prince William honored people who make charitable and significant contributions to their community. Despite the burden that is currently on his shoulders, the prince appeared friendly and polite, he smiled a lot and chatted with interest with the guests. Only once did he have a small mishap. He accidentally dropped the small medal that he had to pin on the honorees on the floor. Of course, he immediately repealed it himself and ultimately made Suzanne Hutchinson from the charity “Little Hearts Matter” a member of the “Order of the British Empire”.

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