The definitive method to clean reusable bottles and avoid musty smells

The definitive method to clean reusable bottles and avoid musty smells
February 7, 2024 – 16:00

These containers are a very common element among us and we rarely remember how important their cleaning is.

Cleaning plastic bottles to remove musty odors can be a simple task with the right methods and tips.

The Plastic bottles They are widely used in our daily lives, since they are practical to save and help the environment. However, over time, it is common for these bottles to develop a unpleasant musty smellespecially if you don’t know clean properly.

Generally, most forget to wash it frequently, and this is a serious mistake, since if the water bottle is not clean we expose our body to unnecessary germs and bacteria.

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How to clean the plastic bottle, step by step

The first step to eliminate musty odors from plastic bottles is to wash them in the traditional way with warm water and Detergent. The most important thing is to fill the bottle with soap and water and let it rest with the lid for 15-30 minutes. Then we must dry it well and verify that there are no traces of moisture.

After washing and rinsing the bottle, in case we have time, the perfect method is dry the bottle in the sun for several hours. Natural sunlight helps eliminate remaining odors and bacteria, leaving the bottle smelling fresh and clean.



Finally, to prevent the accumulation of moisture and prevent odors from returning, you must completely dry the bottle after each use and keep it in a cool, dry place. Avoid leaving liquids stagnant in the bottle for long periods and repeat the process regularly.

The vinegar method to eliminate musty smell

In the event that odors are persistent, white vinegar is an effective natural deodorizer that can help eliminate them more intensely. After washing the bottle with soap and water, add a solution of White vinegar and water in equal parts. Let the mixture sit in the bottle for at least 15 minutes. before rinsing it again with clean water.

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