Cancer diagnosis: Actor Stephen Fry praises King Charles’ openness

Cancer diagnosis: Actor Stephen Fry praises King Charles’ openness

The British actor was diagnosed with cancer himself. That King Charles III. He sees the fact that his illness was made public as a good signal.

The actor Stephen Fry (66) met the British King Charles III. praised for making his cancer public. Fry himself was diagnosed with cancer and, in an interview with the BBC, advocated speaking more openly about the disease. It’s a bit like Voldemort in the “Harry Potter” books, said Fry. If you are afraid to mention a term, it has more power over you. “You have to get it out of your system and say: cancer. And we can’t be afraid of it.”

The royal family announced on Monday that King Charles (75) was being treated for cancer. What type of cancer it is and how advanced the disease is remained private. All that is known is that it is not prostate cancer and that Charles is being treated as an outpatient.

Fry said he was naturally concerned about Charles’ well-being. After Charles had only been in the spotlight for such a short time, it would be really sad if he was seriously ill, because Charles had a lot to do and wanted to do a lot to help the people and the country.

Charles’ modernization of the monarchy also included an openness about something as personal and unpleasant as cancer, said Fry, who had prostate cancer. Looking back, is there anything he wished he had known before his diagnosis? “I wish I had known it would take this long to get over it.” He doesn’t just mean physical recovery, but rather it takes time until you can put cancer behind you. When asked whether that could ever be done, he replied: “That is the question.”

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