Joy for film fans: the bizarre world of Tetsuo Lumière is back

Joy for film fans: the bizarre world of Tetsuo Lumière is back
February 8, 2024 – 2:20 p.m.

“Amazing Limbo” is the new feature film, after 10 years of silence, from the director of “Looking for the Sphere of Power.” He started it during the pandemic, which inspired the need for digital escape.

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Good news for lovers of Tetsuo Lumière’s crazy, delirious and skillfully critical humor. Ten years after his previous feature film, which wasn’t that long, the strange filmmaker has returned. His new work is called “Hallucinating Limbo”, and declares a content of “humor, romance and adventure in a psychoanalytic and digital world”. For more detail, he started it in her house during the pandemic and sells it abroad as “Naked Limbo.”

For those who do not have it registered, suffice it to say that Tetsuo Lumière is a man from Buenos Aires with abundant hair, with a look that sometimes seems like the unrecognized great-grandson of Harold Lloyd, and that he has “The strange case of the spooned woman”, “Invaders from the center of the Earth”, “Hearts and fangs”, “My dinosaur friend”, “A shark in my pool” and other joyfully bizarre shorts, and three equally crazy long ones: “TL1- My kingdom for a flying saucer”, “TL2 Happiness is an urban legend” and “Seeking the sphere of power”. The latter is from 2013. Later, calmer, he worked on the editing of an American film by Ezio Massa, a series commissioned by a Chilean organization, called “Let’s go to the veterinarian,” and a web series in times of confinement, “El coronavirus and me.”

Perhaps as a result of time and the pandemic, his new film is a little less funnyless naive than the previous ones, and unexpectedly it is also a little discursive, although this has some justification. In any case, like the others, it is very original and entertaining. In it, people and drawings, archival material, from unusual places and from the director’s own home are mixed with impunity, who appears to be suffering from love sickness due to an ex-girlfriend, and confinement sickness due to the quarantine, until he uploads a program on your cell phone and that way you have access to another world.

What do you find in that other world? Well, the coronavirus in person, smiling, with a belly and communist ideology, and also some cyclops children who talk about their separated parents. A possible girlfriend also appears, and, above all, an assembly of powerful people who discuss the planning of the “new world order.”, while they look for some easily manageable popular leader. Throughout these meetings, both the “1984” Stalinists and the latest fashionable ultraliberals fall, and the new loves also fall, exhausted. Are our author and character hallucinating too much? If anything, his limbo is more unique and substantial than Harry Belafonte’s, and the outcome leaves you wanting to keep watching.

“Hallucinating Limbo” (Argentina, 2023). Director: Tetsuo Lumière. Int.: Tetsuo Lumière, M. Gallego, A. Burgos, CS Reid.

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