Lingerie trends 2024: This underwear is currently popular

Lingerie trends 2024: This underwear is currently popular

The right underwear provides a feel-good factor in everyday life, can even be part of the outfit and, above all, should be one thing: a perfect fit. But what do women consider when buying and which lingerie will be trendy in 2024?

Underwear is no longer just something for special occasions or something that women hide under their clothes. High-quality lingerie ensures a feel-good factor in everyday life and is sometimes even part of the right outfit, for example when the lace bra stands out in the blazer combination. Which lingerie trends will be available in 2024 and what you need to consider when buying suitable underwear.

Nicole Kattwinkel from the Rigby & Peller store in Hamburg-Eppendorf knows her customers’ underwear preferences and the 2024 lingerie trends. She says: “My customers especially like variety, so that you can sometimes add elements, like an additional strip, to make the look a little wicked.” Striking colors will also be seen more often again in 2024. These three trends in particular can be found in current collections.

1. Lingerie trend: Sexy details

As already mentioned above, “bondage with style” is one of the lingerie trends for 2024. Whether transparency, strips, thongs or tight-fitting lingerie: sexy-looking underwear is particularly popular this year. For example, in black and gold or with small rings: the details make the difference in this trend, otherwise it is kept minimalist. Of course it’s particularly impressive if that fits together. Or you can choose a sexy body, which is also one of the trends.

2. Lingerie trend: Playful patterns

But romantic playfulness is also popular with many customers at the moment, reveals Kattwinkel. “Some of our models can be turned into a halterneck. If you then see the flower straps peeking out, for example in the color ‘Electric Pink’, it can look great. For example combined with a leather jacket,” says the expert. “Our customers then wear it like a piece of jewelry.” Next to But other playful patterns are also popular at the moment: a scalloped hem, sweeping lines or even floral lace. The “pinstripe” print in particular will be popular in 2024.

3. Lingerie trend: bright colors

Lingerie in eye-catching colors can also act as an eye-catcher: , which peeks out from under the otherwise rather simple blazer look. According to the expert, other popular colors include a trendy kaki, deep dark blue, warm caramel tones, fuchsia and deep red as well as deep violet.

More lingerie trends for 2024

  • Earthy tones with subtle highlights, such as lurex or shimmer, are also among the 2024 lingerie trends.
  • Bodysuits with fine details, such as gold chains or pearls, are still popular.
  • Most people attach great importance to one thing in particular: comfort and their own feel-good factor.

Tips for buying lingerie

In addition to current trends, Nicole Kattwinkel also knows what is important when buying lingerie. “The support of a bra does not come from the strap, but always from the back.” This means: The strap should not be tight, but should always fit two finger widths underneath. Instead, it should be tighter under the chest, the strap should be snug and the back and fastening should be straight and hug the body horizontally – otherwise there is a risk that the wearer will slip on the shoulder and, in the worst case, lead to poor posture. “The underwires must completely enclose the breasts, the bridge must lie nicely on the sternum and the cups must fit nicely on the top of the breast,” adds Kattwinkel.

If you don’t yet know exactly your own panties and especially your bra size, you can get advice from the local experts in the lingerie shop around the corner. Some stores now also offer measuring using innovative technologies. A special 3D mirror at Rigby & Peller, for example, offers precise measurement of the correct bra size by measuring 140 points on the upper body in less than a minute and calculating the data from this. It was specially developed by and for Rigby & Peller. This means you always have the right size ready for future purchases and prevent bad purchases. If you’d rather do the whole thing from home, you’ll find helpful information in our tips for finding the right bra size.

Information about caring for your lingerie

  • You should wash your bra after about two days of wearing it.
  • Lingerie should always be in one The laundry drum should be a maximum of a third full and the spin cycle should be low. The correct temperature is around 30 degrees or the “delicates” program.
  • It is best to wash with one . Heavy-duty detergents, fabric softeners and bleach are taboo.
  • You should not put lingerie in the dryer or put it on the heater, and you should also not iron lingerie.

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