Harald Glööckler: With a volume wig at the Vienna Opera Ball

Harald Glööckler: With a volume wig at the Vienna Opera Ball

Designer Harald Glööckler appeared at the Vienna Opera Ball 2024 with unusually long hair.

Harald Glööckler (58) surprises at the Vienna Opera Ball with long, voluminous hair. On Instagram, in which he presents his complete look: The star designer chose a black jacket with rhinestones with an XL brooch and combined it with black trousers as well as a white shirt, suit vest and bow tie. Eye-catching rings completed his outfit.

, the hair is, as expected, a wig. Before the event, he had them shaped by the renowned Austrian stylist Christian Sturmayr (40). “Hairstyle for the opera ball is perfect,” wrote Glööckler on a photo from the hairdressing salon.

Harald Glööckler about his hairstyle: “Like ‘Rock me Amadeus'”

Who inspired him to create the style: “I wondered what Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart would look like at the ball,” said Harald Glööckler on the red carpet at the Opera Ball. “It’s a bit ‘Rock me Amadeus’.”

Glööckler also showed off his voluminous hair at Anja Gockel’s fashion show a few days ago at Berlin Fashion Week. The fashion designer regularly causes a stir with colorful hair and unusual wigs – according to his own statement, he is now pretty bald under the supposed head of hair.

Celebrity crowd at the Opera Ball

In addition to the 58-year-old, Priscilla Presley (78), who came accompanied by Richard “Mörtel” Lugner (91), also attended the 66th Vienna Opera Ball this year. Also guests were comedian Oliver Pocher (45) with ex-wife Alessandra Meyer-Wölden (40), model Papis Loveday (47), pop star Heino (85), singer DJ Ötzi (53) and “Let’s Dance” – Winner Lili Paul-Roncalli (25).

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