People: Denis Moschitto was in a gang as a teenager

People: Denis Moschitto was in a gang as a teenager

Actor Denis Moschitto has written the script for a film about the shadowy world of crime. As a 15-year-old, he consciously decided to take a different path.

According to his own statements, actor Denis Moschitto “hung out on the streets with shady characters” when he was young. When asked whether he had ever been part of a gang himself, the 46-year-old answered in an interview with the German edition of “Playboy”: “Yes, I would say so.” But only until he is 15 years old. “I always knew when I had to go. It felt kind of good to make the mistake, but I knew I couldn’t fool anyone.”

And in his opinion, his gang would also have noticed that “when the going gets tough, you can’t count on Denis (…).” He was simply scared. Not all of his acquaintances took the fork: “Some of them later embarked on criminal careers or ended up in prison,” said Moschitto in an interview on the occasion of the film’s release of “Schock” (February 15).

Moschitto wrote the script and directed the film together with Daniel Rocket Siegel. He is also one of the actors in the film about organized crime in Germany.

Source: Stern

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