Death of Natacha Jaitt: change in the case after a challenge raised by Ulises Jaitt

Death of Natacha Jaitt: change in the case after a challenge raised by Ulises Jaitt

The Attorney General’s Office San Isidro ordered to change the prosecutors investigating the death of the model Natacha Jaittwho died in February 2019 in the Buenos Aires town of Benavidezreported judicial sources.

The prosecutors Martín Otero and Lida Osores Soler they replaced their peers Diego Callegari and Sebastián Fitipaldiafter a challenge raised by Ulysses Jaittbrother of the woman, constituted in the case as an injured individual, before the Judge of Guarantees 2 of San Isidrowith jurisdiction in Tiger, Orlando Abel Diaz.



Judicial sources confirmed to Télam that the decision was made by the attorney general of San Isidro, John Broyadso that the new prosecutors can review the file and determine if the case is to be archived or if there is any element that indicates whether someone had some type of criminal responsibility in the death.

Osores Soler She has been the owner of the Vicente López Gender Violence Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) and Knoll He is a prosecutor Criminal Area of ​​the San Fernando Prosecutor’s Office.

In June of last year, in the laboratories of the Criminalistics Directorate of the National Gendarmerie (GNA)the researchers managed unlock Natacha’s iPad after four years and 100,000 password attempts, although there was no major progress with its content in the file.

Natacha Jaitt.jpg

Natasha Jaitt.

Jaitt (41) died in the early morning of February 23, 2019 in the “Xanadú” party hall, located in Isla Verde at 600, Villa La Ñata, Benavidezgame of Tigerwhich he had attended for a business meeting to schedule an event.

At one point during the night, during which drugs and alcoholthe host and model went up to a room where she suffered a “respiratory failure due to acute lung edema” and one “multiorgan failure”and died, according to the results of the autopsy.

Toxicological tests confirmed that Jaitt consumed cocaine and alcohol before dying in the Xanadú party hall, and They did not detect the presence of any poison.

Natasha Jaitt Mirtha Legrand.jpg

Natacha Jaitt and Mirtha Legrand.

Natacha Jaitt and Mirtha Legrand.

The family Jaitt always suspected that the death of Natasha could have been a homicide linked to some complaints that she had made public, although for the prosecutors everything indicates that it was a product of the deteriorated state of health that he presented and the voluntary intake that that night he did cocaine.

Source: Ambito

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