The exercise routine that will take you 5 minutes and will help you strengthen your abs

The exercise routine that will take you 5 minutes and will help you strengthen your abs
February 9, 2024 – 9:00 p.m.

You can do an exercise routine at home, without major inconveniences and without the need to use other elements. Dare to start this training.


Training doesn’t have to be torture, instead of spending time in the gym, you can perform exercises from the comfort of your home with a training routine easy and suitable for beginners. Keeping moving and exercising is important to take care of both the Physical Health as mental.

This abs training it will take you alone five minutes and you can incorporate it into your routine to achieve a more comprehensive training and enhance your physical performance. It is always advisable to do cardio exercises at the beginning to activate the muscles and warm up.

Fitness: the easy routine to work your abs

The following routine went viral on the networks by an influential couple who shares exercises and healthy recipes. @TIFFxDAN shared on their social networks these exercises to do in five minutes to develop muscle strength. core muscleswhich are an essential component of your physical state and health in general. This is an intense workout to do every day and that will increase your heart rate and it will improve your abs.


Exercise routine to strengthen the core.

Exercise routine to strengthen the core.


The exercises mentioned below should be performed for 30 seconds without rest intervals. The work plan of ABS is made up of 10 exercises that will help you strengthen your core. These are:

  1. 1-2-3 position crunches
  2. crunch ups
  3. tabletop crunches
  4. cross crunch (right leg)
  5. cross crunch (left leg)
  6. eagle crunches
  7. butterfly crunches
  8. The 100
  9. finger touch crunches
  10. normal crunches

What is the importance of the core?

He core It is a set of muscles and bones that stabilize the body and functions as the support center for all the forces we exert with the extremities. The greatest strength of the entire body is concentrated in the core. It is important for:

  • Provide stability
  • Control posture
  • Avoid back pain and injuries
  • Maintain balance and posture when performing any action

Therefore, maintain a strong and stable core is essential to improve the balancethe stability and the body static. It also reduces the wear and tear of bones and joints, and reduces pain and the risk of injury.

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