Summer 2024: discover the destination with crystal clear waters, fine fruit and the largest labyrinth in South America

Summer 2024: discover the destination with crystal clear waters, fine fruit and the largest labyrinth in South America

The Chubut town of The hole awaits national and international visitors to enjoy its fresh airthe magic of natural environment and its delicious flavorstypical of the capital of Fruit fine in this season of summeras reported from the Local Tourism Secretariat.

Located northwest of the Patagonian province of Chubutthe picturesque mountain town, whose main activity is fruit growereach summer offers tourists from all over the world who come to the Andean Region of which it is part and decide to visit it, a wide range of options to connect with the nature and the fresh air.

Among the most chosen proposals are the walks along its trailsthe walks for their establishments or productive farms, as well as visit its rivers, lakesdo some aquatic activity in particular or simply immerse yourself in its crystalline and fresh waters or choose to get lost in time contemplating the wonder of the hills that surround this quiet commune.

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Chubut Tourism

“According to climate data, a very suitable summer for those who visit us,” the town’s Secretary of Economic Development told Télam, Darío González Maldonado.

“We are putting together several programs, including the route of the ‘Genuine Flavors’a route that brings together the wineriesthe breweriesthe distilleriesthe cider housesthe different types of appetizers and also with the fine fruit fieldsopen to tourism where they are offered fruits, jams and liqueurs“, said Gonzalez Maldonado.

Among the places to visit, the official mentioned The Patagonia Labyrinthhe largest in South America“a classic” of the town and all the natural beauties.

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Chubut Tourism

“Have The Desemboquewhen there is organized camping very nice and a free beach. There is also the river Epuyénwhich are about 13 kilometers of coast suitable to take advantage of it and for recreation, we have a river walk which has healthy games, games for kids“, broad.

Likewise, the official announced that they are enabling new trails since the market asks them for that activity. In that sense, he specified that the town of The hole “it is surrounded by different cords as it is Cerro Currimahuida, Cerro Pirque, Cerro Derrumbe, Cerro Piltriquitronwhere you can travel different types of trails with different degrees of difficulty and from there observe the different lagoons, Los Alerces Lagoon, Los Patos Lagoon and different waterfalls.”

Besides, Gonzales Maldonado He announced that this season a tourist attraction company called Plesiosaur Lagoon. “It is a lagoon with a lot of historywhere the visitor can enjoy the surrounding flora and fauna to that Lagoon, walking trails,” he indicated in this regard.


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Another option is to enjoy Puerto Patriadaa beautiful place where providers offer car rental service kayaking, stand up paddle, canoeing and sailing.

“Have varied gastronomic offer, for all budgetsfrom grills on route 40as gourmet service restaurants and options to stay, free and organized camping, cabins, you sleep, inns. There is good availability” added the tourism reference.


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The warmth and friendliness of its inhabitantsthe colors of its sunsets as well as the sweet breeze of your microclimatethe majestic viewsthe singing of its birds in pure and blue skies during the day and dazzlingly starry at night are undoubtedly just some of the conditions why tourists choose to enjoy the summer in this charming little corner of the Patagonia Argentina.

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