How to surprise my partner for Valentine’s Day? gift ideas for all tastes and pockets

How to surprise my partner for Valentine’s Day?  gift ideas for all tastes and pockets

He Valentine’s Day is celebrated every February 14th. During that date, many couples get together to eat, take a walk or simply hang out. There are also others that add a gesture, detail or gift. Close to Valentine’s DayIf you still don’t know what to give to your lover, don’t miss the following note with some ideas.

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What is the best gift for Valentine’s Day?


Chocolates are a good gift option. For all tastes, there are endless flavors and presentations. Not to mention that you can also opt for a box of chocolates. Among many, La Pinocha Chocolates proposes a special pairing for the date with a new limited edition kit: a personalized combination of chocolates in boxes with a design alluding to the celebration and two ready-to-drink bottles of Gin Aconcagua. Depending on the grams of chocolate, the price varies between $20 thousand and $25 thousand.

Romantic getaway in CABA

If you are looking to do something different, but always staying in the City of Buenos Aires, celebrating love in the heart of the historic center of Buenos Aires is a great option. Even more so if you want to live a unique culinary experience. Within this framework, NH Collection Centro Histérico offers two proposals that allow you to enjoy unforgettable moments.

On the one hand, diners will be able to delight their senses with a step-by-step dinner prepared by Martín Jatip, F&B Manager and executive chef of the hotel. Includes reception, appetizer of your choice, main course, dessert, food pairing, live music and open bar. It has a value of $90 thousand (for two people). While those who want to go further can stay one night at the hotel (with breakfast included). The stay costs $195 thousand.

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sweet box

Pastry chef Juliana Herrera Dappe, from MADA PATISSERIE, proposes a breakfast or snack box designed to be shared, with some of her artisanal specialties. For $28,000, it includes two tea infusions, two cheese scones, a mini-cake, two pistachio alfajores, three madeleines with white chocolate & rose petals, a mini lemon pudding with red berries, two macarons, two cookies with designs of Valentine’s Day. She can also add a small bouquet of flowers, for an additional cost. Address: 3 de Febrero 1064, Belgrano.

Day trip less than an hour from CABA

In case you want to get away (for a while) from the whirlwind of Buenos Aires and celebrate the love between nature and disconnection, a day trip within hours of CABA is a good option. Campanópolis, the eclectic-style village unique in the country located just 45 minutes from Capital Federal, is positioned as a great destination for a couple’s outing.

Looking ahead to February 14, the destination -located in González Catán, Province of Buenos Aires- presents the “Passage of Love”, a unique and magical space to celebrate the union. It also offers a variety of attractions and activities to entertain those visiting the village, access to which is only through guided tours.


A pack of Gin Tonic

The Goodies online store offers a “LOVE” pack of Gin Tonic, ideal for toasting for two, which includes an exclusive edition of a gin, presented in a bottle with a design of engraved hearts, plus two cans of tonic water, two of bitter and a gift coupon.

A box of macarons

POT, an artisanal ice cream parlor from Mercedes, based in Recoleta, designed an exclusive box of assorted macarons. It comes with six units: chocolate dough with chocolate and dulce de leche ganache, hazelnut dough with milk chocolate and hazelnut ganache, pistachio dough with white chocolate and pistachio ganache, and strawberry dough with chocolate ganache. white and strawberry, lemon dough with white chocolate and lemon ganache, and passion fruit dough with white chocolate and passion fruit ganache. They are artisanal, made with agroecological fruits and chocolates from the Republic of Cacao. Addresses: Montevideo 1208, Recoleta, CABA; 772 23rd Street, Mercedes, GBA.

Body care box

Body care is very important for many people. If your partner is one of them, giving him or her a set of various products is the perfect gift. For Valentine’s Day, GIGOT cosmetics appeals to passion and the senses with the Sensual Night line, a set of products with pheromones, ideal for activating seduction and attraction, with a floral, fruity and gourmand fragrance that evokes an attractive and enigmatic olfactory experience.

The line is made up of a 120 g moisturizing Body Oil Cream ($4,500), 200 ml moisturizing bath soap and foam ($5,800) and a 130 ml Body Splash ($5,500) with aromatic notes of lavender, pear, bergamot and woody and musky base notes.

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Homemade romantic dinner

There is nothing better than preparing a romantic evening at home. To surprise your partner, it is best to create a plan that covers everything about the event, from the menu, flowers, music, wine glasses, tablecloths and even the decoration.

A ticket to a show

If you prefer not to surprise with a material object, and you know that your partner likes experiences, a good option is to buy tickets for musical and artistic shows. You can also give tickets to the cinema or theater.

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Giving a ring is not the same as giving a necklace or earrings. While they all fall into the jewelry group, each has a unique message. The jewelry has exclusive designs and quality materials such as precious metal plating, crystals, pearls, among others, ideal for gifting on this special date. In addition, they are a lasting gift that represents friendship, gratitude, love or commitment and, in the case of rings, the circle symbolizes infinity because it has no beginning or end.

polaroid photos

Many companies focus on printing photos in different formats. Your only job will be to find the photos you prefer, and that you have on your cell phone or computer, choose the format you like best and send them to print. Once you have them, you can decorate a box or envelope and place them inside.

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