Susan Sideropoulos: Mourning the loss of her beloved father

Susan Sideropoulos: Mourning the loss of her beloved father

Susan Sideropoulos lost her father. On Instagram she sends moving words directly to her beloved dad.

Susan Sideropoulos (43) mourns the loss of her dad. The German actress, known, among other things, from “Good Times, Bad Times” and published a long article. In the black and white photos she can be seen with her father Pierro, laughing and giving him a kiss on the cheek. She says goodbye in sensitive lines.

“Again you are traveling, but this time you are not coming back,” writes Sideropoulos directly to her dear dad. She wonders how she can find the right words “to do you justice, but I don’t have to. Every person who knew you or even had an encounter with you will not forget you. You were the epitome of bon vivant, gentleman, bon vivant and charmer.”

Farewell to the “Mayor of Eppendorf”

Her father loved everyone and viewed encounters as gifts. He was cosmopolitan, having traveled to more than 100 countries as a sailor and being able to “say a compliment in any language.” In addition, Pierro Sideropoulos married what he called the “most beautiful woman” and ran “the craziest and coolest restaurant” for over three decades. The actress’ father was called “Mayor of Eppendorf”.

But that’s not all. For her husband Jakob, to whom Sideropoulos has been married since 2005, her father was “the most valuable mentor and companion.” As the grandfather of the couple’s two children, he blossomed and was able to “give away all his love lavishly.” He also always believed in her and her dreams, even when she was a child: “I think if I were to type ‘proud of my daughter’ into a search engine, your photo should appear. Nothing more is possible.” Sideropoulos ends the moving post with the words: “You are now reunited with mom. It tears my heart, but your love remains forever.”

“Just one word and I’ll be on the next train”

In the numerous comments, others also think back to the actress’ father and express their condolences. “Dear Susan, your father beamed from within! My first impression of him back then. Our heartfelt condolences,” writes professional dancer Isabel Edvardsson (41), known from “Let’s Dance”.

The presenter Marijke Amado (70) explains: “I wish you a lot of strength in the coming times. Your father was a really great person and [ich] I’m happy that I got to know him. With this great loss for you, I can only hug you.” The actress Nina Bott (46) offers to come to her immediately: “Dear Susan, I can hardly read your lines. I think you know how much I feel for you, for you, and how much it brings up a lot in me. Your dad will never be forgotten. […] Just one word and I’ll be on the next train.”

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