NFL fan Steven Gätjen: Which team is he rooting for in the Super Bowl?

NFL fan Steven Gätjen: Which team is he rooting for in the Super Bowl?

The countdown to the Super Bowl is on: Like last year, Steven Gätjen will be there live at the biggest sports spectacle.

For millions of Americans, the Super Bowl on Sunday is the sports highlight of the year. Steven Gätjen (51), who was born in the States, has also been an enthusiastic NFL fan for many years. At the invitation of L’Oréal Men Expert, he will follow the Super Bowl spectacle between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers live in Las Vegas.

Above all, he will keep his fingers crossed for the 49ers. “I would love for them to crown this season with a Super Bowl victory,” reveals the moderator in the interview and also talks about the mega hype surrounding Kansas professional Travis Kelce (34) and mega star Taylor Swift ( 34).

You were there live at the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory in Arizona last year. How did you experience the Super Bowl back then?

Steven Gätjen: It was extremely emotional for me because it took place in my hometown and I was back in Phoenix for the first time in 36 years. It was just fantastic. The mood, the atmosphere, the weather – everything was just right. I am pleased to be able to be there live in Las Vegas at the invitation of L’Oréal Men Expert.

Do you think the Kansas City Chiefs will be able to defend their title?

Gätjen: No, at least I hope not – I’m an absolute 49ers fan. I’ve been a 49ers fan since I was in high school in Virginia – back then with quarterback legend Joe Montana. Today I find quarterback Brock Purdy’s great “Zero to Hero” story unbelievable. I would love for them to crown this season with a Super Bowl victory.

When did you become passionate about football? Are you familiar with football rules?

Gätjen: During my high school years in America. I couldn’t whistle a football game now, but as a huge fan of the NFL, I’m pretty sure of the rules and often know it better than anyone else (laughs).

The liaison between Taylor Swift and Travic Kelce has increased the football hype even further. Are you a Swiftie too?

Gätjen: I think Taylor Swift and her career are impressive. If that means I’m a Swiftie, then I guess I am.

Many die-hard football fans criticize the fact that the hype is shifting to the mega star. Can you understand that?

Gätjen: For me, football is also entertainment and that’s part of it. But I can also totally understand that it’s annoying that every time Travis Kelce does something, Taylor is shown straight away. Honestly, that annoys me sometimes too.

The Super Bowl halftime show is at least as important as America’s biggest sporting event itself – how do you think Main Act Usher can live up to expectations?

Gätjen: No, unfortunately I don’t think so. I was a bit surprised that Usher was signed as the main act. The pressure is immense and I hope that he and we can withstand it and deliver properly.

Which halftime show remains unforgettable for you to this day?

Gätjen: Absolutely clear: Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar and 50 Cent. All these artists together: legendary. The medley was spectacular.

The Super Bowl is taking place in Las Vegas, do you still have some time to gamble?

Gätjen: I will definitely make every effort to take advantage of every entertainment opportunity in Las Vegas. (laughs)

You were born in America, grew up in Hamburg and lived for several years in Los Angeles, Washington and New York. Where do you feel most at home?

Gätjen: I feel at home where my family and friends are. I don’t have this country mentality, I have a small suitcase with beautiful memories everywhere.

The US elections are getting closer and closer. Trump has a good chance of becoming President of the United States again. Why do you think he has such strong support among the US population?

Gätjen: The USA, like many other countries, faces a divided and frustrated society and is always a breeding ground for extreme positions and untruths. Unfortunately, for many people, someone like Trump is God’s solution to their problems.

What is typically American and what is typically German about you?

Gätjen: Typically American is, among other things, approaching people openly and entertaining them. Typically German is to be down-to-earth and precise. I like the mix of both, I’m happy to have a little bit of both.

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